Stagecoach South East (EE) Eastbourne Depot Current Fleetlist

Listed below are all of the current vehicles allocated to Stagecoach South East’s Eastbourne Depot, which is in Birch Road, Eastbourne. If you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact us, using the About and Contact Us Page.  Enjoy! – The SEBEG.

  • Scanias 15770/1 GN61EVT/U have had Wave 99 branding removed in preparation for brand new Scania Enviro 400 MMCs soon to be entering service on the route.
  • Three brand new Scania N250UD Enviro 400MMCs will enter service for Wave route 99 (one bus spare) on 15th of January. They are 15328/9/30 YN67YLA/B/C
  • 15772 GN61EVV and 15773 GN61EVW transferred here from Hastings.

2017 Scania N250UD/ADL Enviro 400 MMC
15328 YN67YLA
15329 YN67YLB
15330 YN67YLC
Note:  Vehicles 15329 & 15330 above are branded for Wave Route 99 between Hastings and Eastbourne with varying slogans on the rear. All of the above vehicles feature E-leather seats, Free WiFi, and USB charging.

2009/11 Scania N230UD/ADL Enviro 400
15503 GN09BCY
15504 GN09BCZ
15505 GN09BDE
15506 GN09BDF
15543 GN59EWS
15544 GN59EWT
15545 GN59EWU
15546 GN59EWV
15770 GN61EVT
15771 GN61EVU

2010 Alexander Dennis E40D/ADL Enviro 400
19648 SP60DTF*
19649 SP60DTK*
19650 SP60DTN*
19651 SP60DPO*
19652 SP60DPU*
19653 SP60DPV*
19654 SP60DPX
19655 SP60DPY*
19656 SP60DPZ
19659 OU60CVA*
19662 SP60DRX
19668 SP60DTO
Note: The above vehicles marked with asterisks are branded for Eastbourne Loop services. These vehicles also offer free internet access to passengers.

2006 TransBus/Alexander Dennis Enviro 300 (Mark One)
27516 GX06DYV
27517 GX06DYW
27518 GX06DYY
27519 GX06DZA
27520 GX06DZB
27521 GX06DZC
27522 GX06DZD
27523 GX06DZE

2008 ADL E30D/ADL Enviro 300
27571 GX58GKA
27572 GX58GKC
27573 GX58GKD
27574 GX58GKE
27575 GX58GKF
27576 GX58GKG
27580 GX58GKN
27581 GX58GKO
27582 GX58GKP

2011 Scania K230UB/ADL Enviro 300
28606 GN61EVK
28607 GN61EVL
28608 GN61EVM
28609 GN61EVP
28610 GN61EVR

2003/4/5 Dennis Dart SLF/Alexander Pointer 2
34493 KV53NHK
34646 GX54DWV
34730 SP05FPG

2013 Dennis Dart SLF 4/ADL Enviro 200
36901 GN13HHS
36902 GN13HHT
36903 GN13HHU
36904 GN13HHV
36905 GN13HHW
36906 GN13HHX
36907 GN13HHY
36908 GN13HHZ

2004/5 Mercedes-Benz Optare Solo M850
47065 SF04SKJ
47119 GX54DXU
47120 GX54DXV
47164 YJ05XND
47174 YJ05XNH
47176 YJ05XMV

Dotto Land Train
97750 GX07AWJ
97751 M981MRW, Not in Use
97752 GX07AZV

Heritage Fleet 
19978 DHC782E 1967 Leyland Titan PD2
39911 AHC411 1950 AEC Regal III

Training & Ancillary Vehicles
52609 S659JSE Volvo B10M-62/Jonckheere Modulo, Trainer Coach
93057 YG65FSX Ford Fiesta Hatchback 1.6TDCi, Mobile Inspectors
93062 YD65YXH Ford Transit Connect, Engineering Dept.

21 thoughts on “Stagecoach South East (EE) Eastbourne Depot Current Fleetlist”

  1. I didn’t know Eastbourne had 33175 PN02KCA in their fleet according to the disposal and reserve list they do ? And I had no idea they have a minibus, again as it states in that list, i am so confused


    1. 33175 is currently in storage at Eastbourne however its status is unknown, it seems like it may see further use as it ran to Hastings depot and back last week for wheel torquing and to get mileage on it. The minibus 40933 N933NAP has been sitting in Eastbourne depot for a while now awaiting disposal.
      Harry H


  2. 17662 was on Eastbourne in full Magic bus blue with vinyls today,
    along with one other; maybe 17659 which is shewn as transferred to Stgch SE reserve on one list.
    I couldn’t see the fleetno. – can anyone confirm?


  3. Very informative, found out about a couple of buses I’ve been looking for, any chance you can do a full Stagecoach south east fleetlist,Hastings, and Kent, great site thanks Phil Sowter from Ashton under lyne Manchester.


  4. Could also add in the Dotto train coaches which each have their own fleet number : 97701-3 pulled by 97750, 97704-6 by 97751 & 97707-9 by 97752


  5. also the Dotto Train carriages could be added as they each have their own fleet number – 97701, 97702 & 97703 pulled by 97750: 97704-6 by 97751 and 97707-9 by 97752


    1. Hi Russell,
      We are really sorry and I sincerely apologise about the delays in updating the fleet lists. With one of us recently starting college and another starting university, in the first part of this year we have been busy getting settled in. We should all be caught up soon and I plan to save time to update the website more regularly because I am aware that people appreciate our site and the information provide, and we don’t want people to lose this. Keep an eye out, we hope to start updating the whole site again soon.
      Apologies and thanks in advance.
      Alex – The SEBEG


      1. Thanks for your reply, hope things go well at college and university. Wish there was some way I could help.


      2. You’re welcome Russell.
        Thank you very much for your kind wishes, I am starting to manage my time better now and so will now begin to have more chances to keep our site updated! We look forward to keeping our site up to date as it used to be and providing helpful and accurate information for the enthusiast base in the local area.
        Regards, Alex.


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