Movement Update!

UPDATE: The B10M is now not being replaced by the ALX400/ Dennis Trident as 18528 from Herne Bay will be going to Old Romney and a dart will move from Old Romney Outstation to Hastings, at the current time, this dart could belong to either Herne Bay, Ashford, Dover, Folkestone, or Thanet

MOVEMENT UPDATE: Within the next two weeks, a B10M from hastings will be replaced by a newer Dennis trident 2 / ALX400 from Herne Bay.

Almost time to go GOLD!!

Only 1 more day to go until Route 16 in Kent becomes 1st class!

Enjoy free wi-fi, leather back seats and professionally uniformed drivers/brand new buses, all for the price of a normal ticket! A free upgrade to first class!

Ali 😉

Not very common on 357 nowadays!

Rode to school today on 17107, 1 of 2 ex London Dennis Tridents which might be transferring to Merseyside or Devon! Will miss them but both of them have been riddled with engine problems! Especially 17106!

Ali 🙂

PS: I bet that this bus will probably be put on the North Devon Coaster from time to time if it actually does go over to Devon – Ali 🙂

Also on the way back 20647 R647HCD was on this same route, which is extremely rare! Once I Have seen an E200 on this route with a relief Optare!

-Alex 🙂