Latest Stagecoach South East News

Good evening to all of our site viewers!
As you may or may not be aware, this weekend has seen the launch of 30 brand new (16/66 reg) Mercedes-Benz EVM Sprinter City 45 minibuses being launched and entering service on Local Ashford Routes, branded as the “Little & Often”. The service aims to provide a frequent and simple bus service connecting different parts of the town and features comfortable leather seats and the accepting of “contactless” payment methods for ticket purchasing. However, as well as this, the new vehicles seem to have had an apparent cascade occur across the division, with what seems like an aim to gradually upgrade their fleet. We do know of some movements which have taken place today and yesterday and have decided to share them with you.

44001-44030: Brand new minibuses at Ashford. A full list of these vehicles can be found on our Ashford Fleet List

17402 Y103GHC: Withdrawn from the Hastings fleet, in storage at Eastbourne.

18162 XIL1575: Transferred from Reserve to Ashford (former GX54DVC).

33098 MX04AXN: Transferred from Ashford to Herne Bay (Replace 34438)

22942/4 OU51WLK/N: Withdrawn from the Ashford fleet.

34435 KV53EZM: Transferred from Hastings to Ashford.

34438 KV53EZP: Transferred from Herne Bay to Folkestone.

34482 SV53DDJ: Transferred from Hastings to Thanet.

34789 PX55EFU: Transferred from Hastings to Folkestone.

36122/3 GN10JCY/Z: Transferred from Folkestone to Hastings.

36124/5 GN10JDF/J: Transferred from Ashford to Hastings.

47065 SF04SKJ: Withdrawn from the Eastbourne fleet.

47117/47173 GX54DXR/YJ05XNG: Withdrawn from the Ashford fleet.

47174 YJ05XNH: Withdrawn from the Hastings fleet.

47660 GN58NXE: Transferred from Ashford to Hastings (Replace 47174).

47662 GN58NXG: Transferred from Ashford to Eastbourne (Replace 47065).

Above: Photographed here is ADL Dart SLF 4 Enviro 200 36122 GN10JCY in the Hastings depot on 12/2/17 after arriving from Folkestone. It is warmly welcomed in by fellow former Folkestone vehicle 15483 GN09BAA. Strangely, this will not be 36122’s first time in service at Hastings, as it was on loan to the depot in 2011, (before Hastings had any of their current Enviro 200s) for evaluation of the vehicle type before later receiving a batch of them the year after, in 2012. (Please note this photograph is copyright SEBEG Alex).

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Latest Seaford Coach

The latest addition to the Seaford & District Motor Services coach fleet comes in the shape of former Stagecoach 658/52608 S658JSE, which is a Jonckheere Modulo bodied Volvo B10M-62 new to Stagecoach Bluebird in 1998. It has been repainted into the Seaford & District livery and we are led to believe it will be entering service later this month, mostly on Railway Replacement, local private hires and school services. It also still features it’s original Stagecoach interior. Another note to make is that sister coach 52609 S659JSE is based at Stagecoach Eastbourne as a driver trainer, so there is a possibility they will one day reunite, which would be their first time since both were in Scotland. As well as this, We have also included some photographs of the interior and exterior of the vehicle below, taken at the Ensign Bus yard in Purfleet, and used with very kind permission of Ben Fowler. In our opinion we think it looks quite great.

The above photos, used with permission are copyright Ben Fowler and should only be used with permission.
Thank you very much! – The SEBEG πŸ™‚

Latest Update

Good evening everybody!
We have a few recent updates which we thought we could share with you all, and possibly hear what you think about them…

Seaford & District Motor Services have acquired former Stagecoach Dennis Darts 34416 GX53MWG and 34450 GX53MWU

-We are planning to relaunch the Stagecoach Hastings Unusual Workings Page from tomorrow (February 4th) which should hopefully be slightly clearer to understand, as well as it being a fresh new page which we hope to update more often, as much as we are able to.

-The Ensign Bus of Purfleet List has temporarily been made private as it is currently quite outdated and some information may be inaccurate and misleading, so over the next few days we will be planning to release a more up to date version. Sorry for any inconvenience caused by this.

-We are considering removing the Stagecoach Hastings VOR List as we have not been updating this page a huge amount recently, and we thought that it may be clearer and simpler if when a vehicle has faults, it is listed next to the vehicle on the Relevant Fleet List, so this information can be found in the same place. We would love to hear your views about this.

-Finally, we are hoping to make some additional companies’ fleetlists available within the near future, adding to our current lists already available, which we are quite excited about! πŸ™‚

Also, On a side note, we have been informed that Hams Travel of Flimwell have acquired Volvo B7TL/Plaxton President LN51AZW and is understood they also have Volvo B7TL/Alexander ALX400 X57XAW on a loan.

Many Thanks!
The SEBEG. πŸ™‚

Latest Stagecoach South East Update

Hello All,
I hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year Period.
I have some interesting news to bring to you all!

Dennis Trident 17623 V623DJA has been withdrawn from the Hastings Fleet due to DDA laws.

Dennis Tridents 17402 Y103GHC / 18292 AE51VFW are DDA compliant, although because of their age it is uncertain whether they will stay in service at Hastings.

The Hastings Depot have currently got Dennis Dart 34799 PX55EGJ on loan from the reserve fleet. After it leaves Hastings, it is due to be allocated to a Kent depot.

Dennis Darts 34792/34794/34799/34800 PX55EFY/EGC/EGJ/EGK have transferred from Manchester to the South East division. 34799 is temporarily at Hastings with 34800 already at Ashford Depot.

Hastings Depot have had an East Lancs LoLyne bodied Dennis Trident (an uncommon type with Stagecoach) 17699 MW52UJF transferred from Manchester as a permanent addition to the Hastings Fleet. 17699 was new to Cooper’s of Dunkinfield as DT5. As well as this, Hastings have had another quite, but not as uncommon type transferred as a permanent addition to the Hastings Fleet from Reserve, in the shape of Plaxton President bodied Dennis Trident 18291 MX03KZP which came down from Manchester a few weeks ago and was new to Mayne’s Coaches of Manchester. Both vehicles feature Free Wi-Fi.

Think that’s all.
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SEBEG – Alex πŸ™‚

More Exciting news!

Additionally to the last post, we have just been informed of some interesting news!

Southern Transit will be running extras on Brighton & Hove service 12 for the upcoming few weeks.

County Connect, Kent have been closed down.

Stagecoach Hastings depot are currently short of buses so are receiving loans in.
Dennis Trident Enviro 400 19051 MX56FRZ On Loan from Thanet – Hastings
Dennis Dart 35256 NDZ3023/GX56OGG On Loan from Thanet – Hastings
Dennis Trident 17623 V623DJA will be temporarily re-instated in service at Hastings due to the shortage.
Dennis Tridents 17402/18292 are still based here.

Two Plaxton President bodied Dennis Tridents have recently been transferred from Stagecoach Manchester to Stagecoach South East Reserve. They are 18290 MX03KZN and 18291 MX03KZP.

Many Thanks,
Alex πŸ™‚

Latest Local Update

Hello Guys! Just thought it would be nice to inform you with all of the latest major happenings within multiple bus companies around the local area! -Alex πŸ™‚

One of the most noticeable recent movements at Stagecoach South East are brand new ADL Enviro 400 MMCs for Wave Routes 100/101/102 which feature free Wi-Fi, leather seats and USB Charging. However, we have listed all of the happenings we know of below.
10701/2 SN66VVM/O are brand new here and have entered service at Hastings. They are in standard Stagecoach livery.
10703/4/5/6/7/8/9/10/11/12/13/14/15/16/17/18/19/20 SN66VVP/R/S/T/U/W/X/Y/Z/WA/WB/WC/WD/WE/WG/WH/WJ/WK are brand new here and have entered service at Folkestone. 10703-10706 are in standard Stagecoach Livery. 10707-10720 are branded for Wave Routes.
10721/2/3/4/5 SN66VXL/WM/WO/WP/WR are brand new here and have entered service at Hastings. They are all branded for Wave Routes.
15188 YN64AKX Involved in Major RTC, possibly withdrawn.
15438/9/40/41 KX08KZH/J/C/B Transfer from Folkestone – Dover (Replace Non-DDA buses)
15442/3 KX08KZN/K Transfer from Folkestone – Ashford (Replace Non-DDA buses)
15475/6/7/8/9/81 GN09AZP/R/T/U/V/X Transfer from Folkestone – Ashford (Replace Non-DDA buses)
15482/3/4 GN09AZZ/BAA/BAO Transfer from Folkestone – Hastings (Replace Non-DDA buses)
17106, 17623/4, 17632/3/7/9, 17663 V106MEV, V623/4DJA, W632/3/7/9RND, V163DFT Withdrawn from Service at Hastings
17402/18292 Y103GHC/AE51VFW Transfer from Ashford – Hastings (Mainly for Southern Rail Strikes)
17628/36, 17656/7 W628/36RND & V156/7DFT Withdrawn from Service at Dover
17631/35/89/90 W631/5RND & X601/2VDY Withdrawn from service at Ashford
17634/93 W634RND/X703JVV Withdrawn from service at Thanet
34482 SV53DDJ Transfer from Folkestone Reserve – Hastings (Replace 36487)
34659 GX54FVU Reserve – Folkestone (Repaired Blown Engine)
36487 GN12CKL Withdrawn from Hastings due to Fire Damage.
36490 GN12CKU Involved in RTC. Now repaired and in service.
36504 GN12CMK Withdrawn (?) from Hastings due to Fire Damage

Ex-GHA Coaches and Arriva Manchester, Mini Pointer Dennis Dart, SN03DZZ has been acquired here and fleet numbered 9. It is currently undergoing service preperation.
Optare Solo 7 T467BCN has been withdrawn and sold to a Kent based operator.
Dennis Trident 44 T109KLD has been sold to a haulage company near London for advertising purposes.
Dennis Trident 46 T139CLO has been sold to a campsite near Hull, to be converted to a static caravan.
Former Lothian Buses Super Pointer Dart 12 SN53AVF has been withdrawn due to severe collision damage.
Dennis Dart 16 V560JBH has been re-numbered 299 and is no longer a service bus. It is now used only within the depot as a towing vehicle and a jumpstarter, with a beacon added on top and displays set to Engineering Divison


Recently acquired here are two identical vintage mini-coaches, both being Plaxtons bodied Bedford J2s. One is EXS569F, which is the 100th vehicle purchased by Empress and has been repainted into a vintage Empress livery. The second is PVV888J and is currently undergoing restoration.  The photo above is copyright SEBEG and should not be used without our permission

Dennis Trident TA11 V311KGW has been sold through Chalkwell Sales to Nu-Venture, Aylesford.
East Lancs Pyoneer bodied Volvo Olympian 856 SFZ595/S856DGX has been sold to Bristol Beer Bus, joining other former Seaford fleet member, Dennis Dart P283FPK.


Acquired here is brand new Jonckheere SHV bodied Volvo Coach BV66VHM which has been repainted into the Hams Livery, along with identical coach BD16YGH which was acquired earlier this year. It is belived that BD16YGH will be registered DW16HAM with BV66VHM becoming MC66HAM. The photo above is Copyright SEBEG Harry Powell

The latest addition to the YMS Fleet is Ex Go-Ahead South Coast Wright Cadet bodied DAF SB120 YG52CLO which has been repainted into company livery and named Olive. Carlisle bodied High Floor Dennis Dart, G29TGW “Dennis” has been withdrawn and sold on for preservation.

At the present time Barcroft are trying to sell Caetano bodied Volvo B10M-62 LIG1393 with plans to purchase a newer coach once this has sold.

There are rumours that Ex Go-Ahead London Plaxton President bodied Volvo B7TL PJ52LWM has been acquired here, although this is not yet certain.

Update From Last Post

Hi Guys,
Just a quick update from the last post by my colleague.
Hastings have now received Eastbourne Loop branded Enviro 200 36907, GN13HHY to replace 36487, GN12CKL. We are not yet sure if this is permanent or just temporary.
SEBEG Alex πŸ™‚