Latest Stagecoach South East Update

Hello All,
I hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year Period.
I have some interesting news to bring to you all!

Dennis Trident 17623 V623DJA has been withdrawn from the Hastings Fleet due to DDA laws.

Dennis Tridents 17402 Y103GHC / 18292 AE51VFW are DDA compliant, although because of their age it is uncertain whether they will stay in service at Hastings.

The Hastings Depot have currently got Dennis Dart 34799 PX55EGJ on loan from the reserve fleet. After it leaves Hastings, it is due to be allocated to a Kent depot.

Dennis Darts 34792/34794/34799/34800 PX55EFY/EGC/EGJ/EGK have transferred from Manchester to the South East division. 34799 is temporarily at Hastings with 34800 already at Ashford Depot.

Hastings Depot have had an East Lancs LoLyne bodied Dennis Trident (an uncommon type with Stagecoach) 17699 MW52UJF transferred from Manchester as a permanent addition to the Hastings Fleet. 17699 was new to Cooper’s of Dunkinfield as DT5. As well as this, Hastings have had another quite, but not as uncommon type transferred as a permanent addition to the Hastings Fleet from Reserve, in the shape of Plaxton President bodied Dennis Trident 18291 MX03KZP which came down from Manchester a few weeks ago and was new to Mayne’s Coaches of Manchester. Both vehicles feature Free Wi-Fi.

Think that’s all.
Many Thanks!
SEBEG – Alex 🙂

More Exciting news!

Additionally to the last post, we have just been informed of some interesting news!

Southern Transit will be running extras on Brighton & Hove service 12 for the upcoming few weeks.

County Connect, Kent have been closed down.

Stagecoach Hastings depot are currently short of buses so are receiving loans in.
Dennis Trident Enviro 400 19051 MX56FRZ On Loan from Thanet – Hastings
Dennis Dart 35256 NDZ3023/GX56OGG On Loan from Thanet – Hastings
Dennis Trident 17623 V623DJA will be temporarily re-instated in service at Hastings due to the shortage.
Dennis Tridents 17402/18292 are still based here.

Two Plaxton President bodied Dennis Tridents have recently been transferred from Stagecoach Manchester to Stagecoach South East Reserve. They are 18290 MX03KZN and 18291 MX03KZP.

Many Thanks,
Alex 🙂

Latest Local Update

Hello Guys! Just thought it would be nice to inform you with all of the latest major happenings within multiple bus companies around the local area! -Alex 🙂

One of the most noticeable recent movements at Stagecoach South East are brand new ADL Enviro 400 MMCs for Wave Routes 100/101/102 which feature free Wi-Fi, leather seats and USB Charging. However, we have listed all of the happenings we know of below.
10701/2 SN66VVM/O are brand new here and have entered service at Hastings. They are in standard Stagecoach livery.
10703/4/5/6/7/8/9/10/11/12/13/14/15/16/17/18/19/20 SN66VVP/R/S/T/U/W/X/Y/Z/WA/WB/WC/WD/WE/WG/WH/WJ/WK are brand new here and have entered service at Folkestone. 10703-10706 are in standard Stagecoach Livery. 10707-10720 are branded for Wave Routes.
10721/2/3/4/5 SN66VXL/WM/WO/WP/WR are brand new here and have entered service at Hastings. They are all branded for Wave Routes.
15188 YN64AKX Involved in Major RTC, possibly withdrawn.
15438/9/40/41 KX08KZH/J/C/B Transfer from Folkestone – Dover (Replace Non-DDA buses)
15442/3 KX08KZN/K Transfer from Folkestone – Ashford (Replace Non-DDA buses)
15475/6/7/8/9/81 GN09AZP/R/T/U/V/X Transfer from Folkestone – Ashford (Replace Non-DDA buses)
15482/3/4 GN09AZZ/BAA/BAO Transfer from Folkestone – Hastings (Replace Non-DDA buses)
17106, 17623/4, 17632/3/7/9, 17663 V106MEV, V623/4DJA, W632/3/7/9RND, V163DFT Withdrawn from Service at Hastings
17402/18292 Y103GHC/AE51VFW Transfer from Ashford – Hastings (Mainly for Southern Rail Strikes)
17628/36, 17656/7 W628/36RND & V156/7DFT Withdrawn from Service at Dover
17631/35/89/90 W631/5RND & X601/2VDY Withdrawn from service at Ashford
17634/93 W634RND/X703JVV Withdrawn from service at Thanet
34482 SV53DDJ Transfer from Folkestone Reserve – Hastings (Replace 36487)
34659 GX54FVU Reserve – Folkestone (Repaired Blown Engine)
36487 GN12CKL Withdrawn from Hastings due to Fire Damage.
36490 GN12CKU Involved in RTC. Now repaired and in service.
36504 GN12CMK Withdrawn (?) from Hastings due to Fire Damage

Ex-GHA Coaches and Arriva Manchester, Mini Pointer Dennis Dart, SN03DZZ has been acquired here and fleet numbered 9. It is currently undergoing service preperation.
Optare Solo 7 T467BCN has been withdrawn and sold to a Kent based operator.
Dennis Trident 44 T109KLD has been sold to a haulage company near London for advertising purposes.
Dennis Trident 46 T139CLO has been sold to a campsite near Hull, to be converted to a static caravan.
Former Lothian Buses Super Pointer Dart 12 SN53AVF has been withdrawn due to severe collision damage.
Dennis Dart 16 V560JBH has been re-numbered 299 and is no longer a service bus. It is now used only within the depot as a towing vehicle and a jumpstarter, with a beacon added on top and displays set to Engineering Divison


Recently acquired here are two identical vintage mini-coaches, both being Plaxtons bodied Bedford J2s. One is EXS569F, which is the 100th vehicle purchased by Empress and has been repainted into a vintage Empress livery. The second is PVV888J and is currently undergoing restoration.  The photo above is copyright SEBEG and should not be used without our permission

Dennis Trident TA11 V311KGW has been sold through Chalkwell Sales to Nu-Venture, Aylesford.
East Lancs Pyoneer bodied Volvo Olympian 856 SFZ595/S856DGX has been sold to Bristol Beer Bus, joining other former Seaford fleet member, Dennis Dart P283FPK.


Acquired here is brand new Jonckheere SHV bodied Volvo Coach BV66VHM which has been repainted into the Hams Livery, along with identical coach BD16YGH which was acquired earlier this year. It is belived that BD16YGH will be registered DW16HAM with BV66VHM becoming MC66HAM. The photo above is Copyright SEBEG Harry Powell

The latest addition to the YMS Fleet is Ex Go-Ahead South Coast Wright Cadet bodied DAF SB120 YG52CLO which has been repainted into company livery and named Olive. Carlisle bodied High Floor Dennis Dart, G29TGW “Dennis” has been withdrawn and sold on for preservation.

At the present time Barcroft are trying to sell Caetano bodied Volvo B10M-62 LIG1393 with plans to purchase a newer coach once this has sold.

There are rumours that Ex Go-Ahead London Plaxton President bodied Volvo B7TL PJ52LWM has been acquired here, although this is not yet certain.

Update From Last Post

Hi Guys,
Just a quick update from the last post by my colleague.
Hastings have now received Eastbourne Loop branded Enviro 200 36907, GN13HHY to replace 36487, GN12CKL. We are not yet sure if this is permanent or just temporary.
SEBEG Alex 🙂

Hastings Autumn update

Winter is drawing ever closer and with that the growing excitement of the upcoming launch of the new MMC’s on the Wave 100/101/102 group. Of course, there have been plenty of other movments taking place in the meantime which will be detailed below.

Unfortunately we kick off this update with some rather sad and unexpected news. Yesterday morning (Saturday 5th November), police and fire crews were called to the A21 near Johns Cross after reports of a vehicle fire. It was later revealed that this vehicle was infact Stagecoach in Hastings ADL Enviro 200 36487 (GN12CKL) which had caught fire whilst operating service 304 to Hastings. The inside of the bus was almost completely gutted by the blaze and therefore we are glad to say that everyone onboard managed to get out of the vehicle in time and there were no injuries. The cause of the fire has not yet been confirmed although there is evidence suggesting it may have been a mechanical fault. There is no news yet on the fate of the vehicle however things aren’t looking good. A replacement vehicle has not yet arrived.

Moving away from the sad news and onto some other recent happenings now. Herne Bay allocated Scania Enviro 400 15558 (GN59EXJ) is currently operating out of Hastings depot (and has been for a few weeks) and is believed to be on loan as a result of higher demand on service 99 during the rail strikes.
Thanet based Trident 17634 (W634RND) has also made a few trips to Hastings over the past couple of months for this cause, and Folkestone Scania’s 15496 (GN09BCE) and 15705 (GN60FDC) have also made brief appearances on the 98 recently.
Meanwhile, Trident 17632 (W632RND) has permanently joined the Hastings allocation from the Reserve fleet.

We believe that Trident 17627 (W627RND) has been withdrawn due to a mechanical defect and will not be seeing further service.

Dart 34697 (NDZ3022, formerly PX05EMF), which was in use at Hastings as a paint float, has now transferred to Ashford where it has displaced 34413 (GX53MWD).

All Hastings allocated Darts which were due for repaint (all except 34435, 34442 and 35237) have now been repainted, and it is now seemingly the turn of Scania’s, with 15494 (GN09BBX) and 15499 (GN09BCO) having recieved new coats of paint.

Solo 47479 (PX07HBA) is currently long term VOR having blown its engine and is undergoing lengthy repairs.

Finally to conclude this update, we can reveal that Hastings are planned to recieve 7 of the new E400MMC’s for the Wave 100/101/102. These will be 10701/2 (SN66VVM/O) which will remain unbranded, and 10721-5 (SN66VWL/M/O/P/R). The displaced Scania’s, 15485-9 (GN09BAU/V/BBE/F/J) and 15494 (GN09BBX) will remain allocated to Hastings and along with 15482-4 (GN09AZZ/BAA/O), which are due to transfer from Folkestone, will see off the non-DDA compliant Tridents 17106 (V106MEV), 17623/4 (V623/4DJA), 17627/32/3/7/9 W627/32/3/7/9RND) and 17663 (V163DFT).

-Harry H

First of many new Wave’s to come!

The first of 25 brand new Alexander Dennis Enviro 400 MMC double deck buses has arrived, on the 10th of October at the Stagecoach East Kent Thanet depot, which we believe is where they will be prepared for service, with the branding applied. This is part of a batch of 25 brand new buses which Stagecoach South East have invested in for popular coastal “Wave” Routes 100/101/102, between Hastings, Rye, Camber, Lydd, Folkestone and Dover. The majority will be based at the Company’s Folkestone garage, with some being allocated to Hastings. The vehicles will feature E-leather seats and Free WiFi internet access and are believed to start entering service in the December time. We would like to thank Matthew Arnold for allowing us to use his photos. Hope you find this post useful! -Alex 🙂

Below: Pictured here is the interior of the first MMC to arrive of the batch, SN66VVO, which we believe is to be numbered 10702.

Above: Photographed here is the exterior of SN66VVO (10702)

The batch of Wave MMC’s are believed to be as follows
10701 SN66VVM
10702 SN66VVO
10703 SN66VVP
10704 SN66VVR
10705 SN66VVS
10706 SN66VVT
10707 SN66VVU
10708 SN66VVW
10709 SN66VVX
10710 SN66VVY
10711 SN66VVZ
10712 SN66VWA
10713 SN66VWB
10714 SN66VWC
10715 SN66VWD
10716 SN66VWE
10717 SN66VWG
10718 SN66VWH
10719 SN66VWJ
10720 SN66VWK
10721 SN66VWL
10722 SN66VWM
10723 SN66VWO
10724 SN66VWP
10725 SN66VWR

Bus takeover in the Sussex Area.

Last week brought the news that Heritage Travel, a local bus and coach operator based in Sussex, would end all of their bus services which are operated under the “” name. However, another local independent operator, Compass Travel of Worthing (who will soon have a fleet list on our site) announced that from Saturday, 1st of October they will be taking over all of the SussexBus services throughout the area of their operation, which include services:

28 – Haywards Heath Circular
29 – Haywards Heath – Lindfield Circular
31 – Bolnore Village – Hurst Green
33 – (Brighton) – Hurstpierpoint – Hurst Green
33A – Burgess Hill – Cuckfield
33B – Haywards Heath – Brighton
33C – Hurstpierpoint – Haywards Heath
37 – Crawley – Haywards Heath
39 – Haywards Heath – Bolnore Village – Haywards Heath
40 – Cuckfield – Brighton
40X – Haywards Heath – Brighton – Royal Sussex Hospital
134 – Burgess Hill Circular
135 – Burgess Hill Circular
136 – Burgess Hill Circular
137 – Burgess Hill Circular
331 – Sayers Common – Keymer
431 – Newick – Uckfield
521 – Partridge Green – Cuckfield Warden Park School
523 – Burgess Hill – Warden Park School
524 – Haywards Heath – Warden Park School
590 – Sayers Common – Albourne
619 – Houghton – Steyning
719 – Steyning – Houghton
A3 – West Grinstead – Steyning
EB1 – Lindfield – Lewes – Eastbourne
SH1 – Partridge Green – Chichester
TS2 – Keymer – Burgess Hill Tesco

Despite all of these routes which have been taken over by Compass Travel, the parent of what was SussexBus have continued to run the school services operated under their Heritage Travel name. In order to provide buses for all of these former SussexBus routes, Compass have purchased former Trustybus/Galleon Travel Alexander Dennis Enviro 300, SN61CYY which has been painted into the Compass fleet livery as well as three brand new Enviro 200’s which are SN66WKC/D/E. For the time being, until Compass find suitable vehicles for service 40X, local independent operators Seaford & District and Southdown PSV are jointly running the service to help them out. Compass Travel have also got many vehicles on loan at the present time. The vehicles that compass have recently acquired, to the best of our knowledge(both loaned and purchased) are:
AA58GHA/BA58GHA/CA58GHA: Volvo B7RLE/Wright Eclipse Urban
DK09DZE/DZF/DZG/DZH: Volvo B7RLE/Wright Eclipse Urban
YX14RZF: ADL Enviro 200
YY64TXW: ADL Enviro 200
SN65OHE: ADL Enviro 200
PP57BLU/TT57BLU: ADL Enviro 200/MCV Evolution
SN66WKC/D/E: ADL Enviro 200
YJ05PXA/PXB: Volvo B7TL/Wright Eclipse Gemini
SN61CYY: ADL Enviro 300

Stagecoach South East Olympians continue their lives….

With the recent sad news that some Stagecoach South East Volvo Olympians have been withdrawn for scrap, there also comes fantastic news after some research by ourselves that a lot have actually been saved, some sold on to see further service and some even preserved by Private Owners and preservation groups!
We thought that we would helpfully list the Volvo Olympians which have been saved which were still in service as the final wave of withdrawal came. Please note this list has been made as accurate as our knowledge using only our own knowledge as well as external sources. We have listed only the last remaining Olympians in service with Stagecoach South East when the most recent bulk of withdrawal came.

16014 P814GMU, Sold for Preservation to Bromley Bus Preservation Group.
16023 P823GMU, Sold to Longbridge Coaches of Ribchester
16025 P825GMU, Sold to Longbridge Coaches of Ribchester
16026 P826GMU, Sold to EnsignBus, who sold to Imperial Coaches, Cambridge.
16139 R139EVX, Sold to East Kent Nostalgic Bus & Coach for use as a mobile exhibition bus/preservation.
16187 S957URJ, Sold to EnsignBus, who sold to Towlers Coaches, Cambridge.
16271 S271CCD, Sold to EnsignBus, who sold to Xelabus, Eastleigh.
16315 S315CCD, Sent away for use as a Stationary Classrom.
16297 R297HCD, Sold to EnsignBus, who sold to Xelabus, Eastleigh.
16344 N344MPN, Sold to Longbridge Coaches of Ribchester
16365 N365LPN, Sold to Longbridge Coaches of Ribchester
16366 N366LPN, Sold to Private Owner (?)
16373 N373LPN, Donated for preservation to East Kent Nostalgic Bus & Coach with plans to repaint into East Kent Stripes.
16386 N386LPN, Sold for Preservation to P. Houselander, Kent.
16389 N389LPN, Sold for Preservation to Private Owner, Eastbourne.
16501 R501UWL, Sold to EnsignBus who sold to Xelabus, Eastleigh.
16505 R505UWL, Sold to EnsignBus who sold to Xelabus, Eastleigh.
16507 R507UWL, Sold to EnsignBus who sold to Xelabus, Eastleigh.
16592 S592BCE, Sold for Preservation to Michael White, Snodland.
16745 R745DRJ, Sold to EnsignBus who plan to repair the gearbox and resell.
16760 R760DRJ, Sold to EnsignBus who sold to Xelabus, Eastleigh.
16788 P718GND, Sold to EnsignBus who sold to Xelabus, Eastleigh.

66 Registered buses start to roll into service…

With Thursday being the 1st of September, the new registration plate series has begun, which is now the 66 reg. There are many 66 registered buses already hitting the streets across the UK with some still awaiting registration, and some still awaiting delivery also. An example of this are the 66 registered Stagecoach South East ADL Enviro 400 MMC’s for Folkestone and Hastings, which are not yet due to arrive until October/November time. However, despite the fact that some are still not ready quite yet, many 66 registered buses and coaches already hit the roads in passenger service on some of the first few days of release. Many bus and coach operators have not gone for a brand new 66 registered vehicle yet though, and other companies will also purchase 66 registered vehicles in the upcoming months until the end of February 2017. We have included some pictures of various different buses which relate to the 66 reg below.

Above: Seen here is a photo of a brand new First Essex Enviro 200 MMC, 44661 YX66WBF which was photographed from outside First Basildon’s depot on Tuesday 30th of August (before the 66 reg even came out!) on our trip to that area. We also noticed sister buses 44660 YX66WBE, which was difficult to manage a good photo of but it’s registration is pictured below and 44662 YX66WBG. (Photos by SEBEG Harry P)

Below: Pictured here is a fantastic looking brand new ADL Enviro 400 bodied Scania N230UD, registered YN66WUC, which is one of three which Southdown PSV of Copthorne have purchased, we believe from a cancelled order which were originally destined for a company elsewhere. These have already entered service on Route 409 which Southdown have just recently taken over around the Surrey Area. Route 409 was previously operated by Metrobus. These buses’ registrations are YN66WUA/WUB/WUC. We personally think these vehicles look great and suit the Southdown livery well. (Photos by Southdown PSV. Used with permission)

Below: Last but not least, on our same trip on which we saw the brand new First Essex Enviros, we also had a fantastic and enjoyable tour of the EnsignBus depot in Purfleet. Whilst having a look around there we found five brand new Tri-Axle BCI Enterprises, which use a Cummins Engine. We were lucky enough, thanks to EnsignBus staff to have a look inside one and even had one started up for us! Four of the BCI’s belong to EnsignBus and will mostly be used on Private Hire and Rail Replacement. The fifth has already been ordered by Aintree Coaches with whom we believe the registration will be XL66ACL. Ensign’s are still awaiting registration. Pictured below are two of the Ensign Bus liveried Enterprises. (Photo by SEBEG Harry P)

Thanks for reading, we hope you enjoyed this post! – The SEBEG (Alex) 🙂

A small update!

We are very sorry we have not been updating our website as much in the past few weeks. We have now started to update the Stagecoach Hastings & Eastbourne Odd Workings Archive once again, added a Stagecoach Thanet Depot Fleetlist and also updated the Renown Group of Bexhill Fleetlist which includes some vehicles removed which have been scrapped as well as the two ex-Arriva Volvo B7RLE’s added, with the fleetnumbers they have received. We have also updated all other Stagecoach fleetlists on our site. These pages can be viewed by clicking on the links. As always, we happily welcome any comments which you can do by posting a comment on our site, emailing us ( or sending us a tweet via our twitter page, for which the link can be found in the Links page.

Have fun!

The SEBEG, Alex Fairweather