Stagecoach South East (HS) Hastings Depot Current Fleetlist

Listed below are all of the current vehicles allocated to Stagecoach South East’s Hastings Depot, which is in Beaufort Road, Silverhill. If you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact us, using the About & Contact Us Page. Enjoy! – The SEBEG.

  • ADL Enviro 400 bodied Scania N230UDs 15772/3 GN61EVV/W have been transferred to Eastbourne
  • ADL Enviro 400 bodied Scania N230UDs 15774/5/6/7/8/9/80 GN61EVX/VY/WA/WB/WC/WD/WE have been transferred to Herne Bay, replacing former London short Tridents and former Scotland Geminis.
  • 10 Scania N250UD Enviro 400 MMCs will soon be entering service at Hastings on Wave 99 services. They are 15331/32/33/34/35/36/37/8/9 YN67YLD/E/F/G/H/J/K/L/M. Eastbourne have 15328/15329/15330 YN67YLA/B/C.
  • Dennis Darts 33305 AE51VFX and 33098 MX04AXN have been transferred from Eastbourne for recently acquired routes 312/313 between Rye and Tenterden/Northiam.

2016 ADL E40D/ADL Enviro 400 MMC
10701 SN66VVM
10702 SN66VVO
10721 SN66VXL
10722 SN66VWM
10723 SN66VWO
10724 SN66VWP
10725 SN66VWR
Note:  Vehicles 10721-10725 above are branded for Wave Routes 100/101/102 between Hastings and Dover with varying slogans on the rear. All of the above vehicles feature E-leather seats, Free WiFi, and USB charging.

2017 Scania N250UD/ADL Enviro 400 MMC
15331 YN67YLD
15332 YN67YLE
15333 YN67YLF
15334 YN67YLG
15335 YN67YLH
15336 YN67YLJ
15337 YN67YLK
15338 YN67YLL
15339 YN67YLM
Note:  Vehicles above are branded for Wave Route 99 between Hastings and Eastbourne with varying slogans on the rear. All of the above vehicles feature E-leather seats, Free WiFi, and USB charging.

2009 Scania N230UD/ADL Enviro 400
15482 GN09AZZ
15483 GN09BAA
15484 GN09BAO
15485 GN09BAU
15486 GN09BAV
15487 GN09BBE
15488 GN09BBF
15489 GN09BBJ

2001 Dennis Trident 2/Alexander ALX400
17402 Y103GHC Reserve

2003 Dennis Trident 2/East Lancs LoLyne
17699 MW52UJF
Note: 17699 was new to Dennis’s of Dunkinfield before passing to Stagecoach Manchester, from whom it then transferred to Hastings.

2001/4 Dennis Dart SLF/Mini Pointer Dart
33098 MX04AXN
33305 AE51VFX
Note: 33305 has a Euro 2 Engine and Allison AT545 gearbox. It was new to Cavalier Travel of Cambridge and later passed to Stagecoach East, before operating with Stagecoach Ashford, Herne Bay, Eastbourne and now Hastings. 33098 was new to Dennis’s of Dunkinfield in 2004 and later passed to Stagecoach Manchester, before operating with Stagecoach Eastbourne, Ashford, Herne Bay, Eastbourne again and now Hastings.

2003/4/5/6 Dennis Dart SLF/Alexander Pointer 2
34434 KV53EZL
34444 KV53EZZ
34492 KV53NHJ
34732 SV55BZG
34778 PX55EFH
34779 PX55EFJ
34845 GX06DWW
34846 GX06DWY
35101 SP06FMY
35102 SP06FMZ
35237 GX56OFZ

2010/12/13/15 ADL Dart SLF 4/ADL Enviro 200
36122 GN10JCY
36123 GN10JCZ
36124 GN10JDF
36125 GN10JDJ
36486 GN12CKK
36488 GN12CKO Reserve, Engine Fire Damage
36489 GN12CKP
36490 GN12CKU
36491 GN12CKV
36492 GN12CKX
36493 GN12CKY
36494 GN12CLF
36495 GN12CLJ
36496 GN12CLO
36497 GN12CLU
36498 GN12CLV
36499 GN12CLX
36500 GN12CLY
36501 GN12CLZ
36502 GN12CME
36503 GN12CMF
36504 GN12CMK
36505 GN12CMO
36506 GN12CMU
36507 GN12CMV
36508 GN12CMX
36898 GN13HHO
36899 GN13HHP
37327 YY15OWR
Note: The above vehicles 36488-36493, 36495-36508 & 37327 carry Hastings Arrows (local town routes 20/21/22) branding, which features a background in a knitted style to link with the theme of the 1066 Battle of Hastings, hence the name “Hastings Arrows” and most carry various slogans, with a pun to the Battle of Hastings theme, on the rear.

2007/8 MAN Optare Solo M880
47479 PX07HBA
47480 PX07HBB Long Term VOR
47481 PX07HBC
47660 GN58NXE
47689 GN58PXS

Training & Ancillary Vehicles
52130 K910TKP Volvo B10M-62/Plaxton Premiere 350 ExpressLiner, Trainer
90778 YE15ZNJ Ford Transit, Roadside Publicity
91323 GP07FMM Renault Clio, Ferry Car
93057 YG65FSX Ford Fiesta Hatch, Mobile Inspectors
93061 YD65YWR Ford Transit Connect, Engineering Dept.

53 thoughts on “Stagecoach South East (HS) Hastings Depot Current Fleetlist”

    1. Yes, it is now in Basingstoke, as one of the new management staff said ‘It Is not needed’, so they have to fork out to get mick Gould to do towing now 😉 -Alex


    1. Hi, the we just haven’t updated it yet – I guess you were the boy sitting at the back? Two of our guys were the ones sitting a row in front on the right filming! 🙂


  1. Is v624 DJA now a hastings vehicle as I saw it on the 24 and 98
    and I saw a kv53 dart on the 26A today, is that now one too?


  2. You know that closed bus stop on the seafront that is closed, anyone looked closely at the inside of that stop, you will notice an upside down Canterbury bus network map, what a plonker who put that up

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