Eastbourne Coachways Fleetlist

Here’s a detailed Fleet List for Eastbourne Coachways of Bexhill-on-Sea, who are based in Beeching Road, Bexhill. If you have any queries please don’t hesitate to contact us, using the About and Contact Us Page. Enjoy! – The SEBEG.

  • Dennis Trident 17438 Y438NHK, as well as Volvo B10M coaches 104, 107, 110 XIL9400, AFZ3857 and B10MVO have left the fleet. B10MVO is now operating with Meritrule, Surrey.
  • Super Pointer Darts SN53AUY, SN53AVC and SN53AVL remain on site but are not part of the Eastbourne Coachways fleet.
  • Wright Eclipse Urban bodied Volvo B7RLEs 1 GN06EVH and 2 GN06EVL are now with EnsignBus, Purfleet (Dealer).
  • Scania OmniDekkas YV03RBX, YN53RYH, YN53RYM and YN53RYX have been removed from the Eastbourne Coachways fleet; these vehicles will not be taken over from Renown.
  • Wright Cadet bodied DAF SB120, 11 HF05LYW is undergoing service prep.
  • Scania OmniDekka YN53RZB is being fitted with seatbelts.
  • Dennis Dart Depot Tow Vehicle 299 V560JBH has been dismantled for scrap.

Photographed above is one of several former Metrobus Scania OmniDekkas operating with Eastbourne Coachways. Here, 8 YN53RYY is photographed arriving at Three Bridges on a Rail Replacement Bus Service. ©Photo Copyright Alex.

Fleet No. 3
Reg No. YV03RBX
Chassis. Scania N94UD
Bodywork. East Lancashire OmniDekka
Seating. H45/29D
Livery. Metrobus Two Tone Blue
Notes. New to Metrobus in 2003 as No. 470, later becoming 6470.

Fleet No. 4
Reg No. YN53RYH
Chassis. Scania N94UD
Bodywork. East Lancashire OmniDekka
Seating. H45/29D
Livery. Metrobus Two Tone Blue
Notes. New to Metrobus in December 2003 as No.477, later becoming 6477.

Fleet No. 5
Reg No. YN53RYM
Chassis. Scania N94UD
Bodywork. East Lancashire OmniDekka
Seating. H45/35F
Livery. Aintree Coachline Cream & Red
Notes. New to Metrobus in 2003 as No.479, and later passed on to Aintree Coach Line of Liverpool, where it was numbered as 130. This vehicle has seatbelts.

Fleet No. 6
Reg No. YN53RYT
Chassis. Scania N94UD
Bodywork. East Lancashire OmniDekka
Seating. H45/29D
Livery. Metrobus Two Tone Blue
Notes. New to Metrobus in 2003 as No.482, later becoming 6482.

Fleet No. 7
Reg No. YN53RYX
Chassis. Scania N94UD
Bodywork. East Lancashire OmniDekka
Livery. Metrobus Two Tone Blue
Seating. H45/35F
Notes. New to Metrobus in 2003 as No.485, later becoming 6485. This vehicle was converted to single door and is fitted with seatbelts.

Fleet No. 8
Reg No.
Scania N94UD
East Lancashire OmniDekka
Seating. H45/29D
Metrobus Two Tone Blue
New to Metrobus in 2003 as No.486, later becoming 6486.

Fleet No. 9
Reg No.
Scania N94UD
Bodywork. East Lancashire OmniDekka
Metrobus Two Tone Blue
New to Metrobus in 2003 as 488, later becoming 6488.

Fleet No. 10
Reg No. YN53RZB
Chassis. Scania N94UD
Bodywork. East Lancashire OmniDekka
Seating. H45/29D
Livery. Metrobus Two Tone Blue
Notes. New to Metrobus in 2003 as 489, later becoming 6489.

Fleet No. 11
Reg No. HF05LYW
Chassis. DAF VDL SB120
Bodywork. WrightBus Cadet
Seating. B39F
Livery. Yellow Buses Standard
Notes. New to Bournemouth Yellow Buses in 2005 as 503. Undergoing service prep.

Fleet No. 12
Reg No. YM55SXF
Chassis. Scania N94UB
Bodywork. East Lancs Optare Esteem
Seating. B29D
Livery. Metrobus London Red
Notes. New to Metrobus in 2006 as fleet number 612.

Fleet No. 14
Reg No. SN04EFL
Chassis. Dennis Dart SLF
Bodywork. TransBus Pointer 2
Seating. DP36F
Livery. Standard, Renown two tone green & cream
Notes. New to Renown of Bexhill in 2004.

Fleet No. 112
Reg No. B12BVO
Original Reg No. FJ05AON
Chassis. Volvo B12BT
Bodywork. VDL Jonckheere Mistral 70
Seating. C57FT
Livery. Still in the livery of Fowler’s Travel, Cream, Orange & Red, with Renown European Fleetnames.
New to. Lochs & Glens Holidays and Later operated with Fowlers Travel.

Fleet No.  114
Reg No. YN04ANU
Previous Registrations. C17PCC
Chassis. Scania K114IB4
Bodywork. Irizar Century
Seating. C49Ft
Livery.  Plain White
New to. Go-Ahead Brighton & Hove Bus & Coach Company as No.509 and also later operated with PC Coaches of Lincoln.

Fleet No.  116
Reg No. YN06CHF
Original Reg No. V10HCT
Chassis. Scania K114EB4
Bodywork. Irizar PB
Seating. C53F
Livery. Grey and Black with Renown European fleetnames.
New to. Hardings Coaches of Betchworth.

Heritage Fleet of Company Owner (separate from Eastbourne Coachways).

  • CDL551C Bedford SB3 Duple Bella Vega (former Abbeyways Coaches)
  • UMJ452W Bedford YMQ Plaxton Supreme C35F

Public Bus routes currently operated by Renown

  • 94: Bexhill – Little Common
  • 95: Little Common – Bexhill – Battle – Conquest Hospital
  • 96: Little Common – Cooden Beach – Bexhill – Ridgewood Gardens
  • 97: Bexhill – Glenleigh Park Road – Turkey Road
  • 320 School Journeys Only : Little Common – Claverham College
  • 384 School Journeys Only : Hastings – Robertsbridge College

For  Bus times & Route Updates please check Eastbourne Coachways’ website.

31 thoughts on “Eastbourne Coachways Fleetlist”

  1. It is interesting that renown are selling all of their dennis trident / plaxton president vehicles. I suppose it is because they keep loosing more and more bus routes. I believe renown also have dennis trident / alexander ALX400 T192 CLO (392 MBF) which they recently aquired from ensignbus. Also do you know if they still have the ex arriva surrey dennis dart plaxton pointer N228 TPK as i have not seen it for a while. It shows up as SORN on the dvla website so it definetly has not been scrapped yet. Thank you very much.


    1. Hi
      Renown are selling the Ex Metroline Tridents due too them being to costly to maintain and they are getting way to much tree damage.
      T192CLO was only on loan to Renown and was returned to Ensignbus back in June, its now in service with London Borough of Havering Transport.
      N228TPK was definitely scrapped over a year ago, unfortunately she was stripped of parts by Renown and sent to a local scrappers along with P910MOR, P502RYM, T465BCN and T47KLD -HP


      1. Thank you for the information. It is hard to keep track of renowns fleet as they have had so many vehicles. It is interesting that N228 TPK still shows up as SORN if it has been scrapped. It is a shame that renown have scrapped these buses but i suppose they were getting very old and were not DDA compliant. I also guess that V931 VUB / V932 VUB / V933 VUB / V934 VUB / V935 VUB have left. Can i also add that for your route list renown also operate the baldslow sainsburys free shopper buses. Thank you.


      2. Yeah, Renown only have 17 Buses and 5 Coaches currently in service. V931VUB, V933VUB, V934VUB and V935VUB left back in 2011, Renown still have V932VUB but its withdrawn and in storage. Apparently there is a chance it will return to service. The Sainsbury’s Sedlescombe Road Shopper Bus was stopped back in 2012 due to the lack of passengers, not one passenger ever used it!-HP


  2. Thanks for the info. It will be nice to see if V932 VUB returns to service as i have not seen it for a very long time. I didint realise that the sainsburys shopper buses had stopped. The timetables are still on the traveline south east website and this service is still shown as running at the moment. I suppose traveline were not told that they stopped running. Im amazed that nobody ever used the service. I think the problem with these shopper services is that nobody ever knows about them and they are not well publicised.


  3. I saw on Steven knight media it said that a scania had been sold from ensign bus to regency coaches,Bexhill, but there is no such thing as regency coaches of bexhill, maybe it means renown, please find out

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi there Noah, we can confirm this is incorrect and the correction is Regency Coaches of Lewes. It also mentions Seaford & District acquiring Olympian P757SWC which is false. Many Thanks, Alex.


  4. I’ve noticed the last renown bus I went on, Sn53 avc I think, has a new ticket machine, it is like nu venture’s, is this the whole fleet and has the style of tickets changed too?


  5. GN06EVL has now gone to body shop for repaint
    V132 MVX withdrawn and will be dismantled
    LR02 BBV & LR02 BBX have been sold
    B10 MVO is C55F
    XIL 9400 is C49FT

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Sn03 dzz was out and about yesterday, and are renowns double deckers dda compliant or is it going to be like x965 vap where it spends time non dda and eventually gets converted

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Also I have heard through the grape vine that Renown’s route 297 is up for tender soon and they could possibly be losing it and Hams Travel have been asked to put in for it!


  7. Very Very interesting to see if the 297 is picked up by Hams but it is on KCC’s list for the Chop next year – do you know how soon ?


  8. Good fleet list. But there is some incorrect information here.

    Firstly FN54 FLC is not scrapped. It has been sold to Clearway of Catshill in Worcestershire and is in everyday service on their bus routes.

    Secondly the Asda Free Bus routes to Eastbourne and Hollingbury have all now been withdrawn (the 06/07/2018 was the final day) after Asda withdrew the funding. Although it seems that Renown still haven’t bothered to remove the timetables from their website.

    Thirdly the 318 is no longer operated by them (it is now Seaford & District operating the service). But the 320 is now operated by them which isn’t mentioned on your site.

    Hope this information helps.

    Kind regards.

    Brian Davis

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Brian,
      Thank you very much for the information. We appreciate it and will make all relevant changes as we will soon be having a major update to the whole site and updating it more regularly.
      Many Thanks & Best Regards,
      The SEBEG – Alex.


  9. Can you tells about the white double decker bus we saw today, on the 95 route. Reg Yn53Ryx. Is it new and where has it come from? We couldn’t find it on the fleetlist

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Sandy, apologies for the late reply. Yes, YN53RYX was with Renown and was yet to be added to the fleetlist. Apparently this vehicle may not be staying permanently with Eastbourne Coachways, however, which is the “new name for Renown”. It had come from Metrobus in Crawley although unlike the others this had begun to undergo a repaint.
      Best Regards,
      Alex – The SEBEG


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