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We are sorry SIHBEG hasn’t been updated for some time, we have all been very busy over the Holidays. We will get back to updating it regally as soon as possible.

Here’s some recent transfer new:

16380 N380LPN has transferred from Thanet to Hastings to replace 16388 N388LPN which has been withdrawn .

20675 R675HCD has gone from Hastings to Dover to replace 16022 P822GMU which is withdrawn.

Former Dover Diamond TransBus Enviro 300’s are being transferred to Eastbourne to replace the MAN 18.220’s.
Some of the Eastbourne MAN 18.220’s are being transferred to Thanet to replace older single decker’s.

Former Stagecoach Strathtay ADL E400’s have been transferred to Eastbourne to replace the 58 Reg E300’s on the Eastbourne route 1/1A for extra capacity.

The 58 Reg E300’s are being sent from Eastbourne to Dover for the Diamond 13, 13A, 15, 15A and 15B services.

-Harry P