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Sad News!

Unfortunately we bring you the sad news that two of our buses have been withdrawn today due to exceptional circumstances.

Firstly, we understand that Dennis Dart 34847 GX06DWZ has suffered a major engine fire today which has caused severe damage to the vehicle.

Also today, Volvo Olympian 16362 N362LPN has suffered severe damage to its top deck after a collision with a tree.

It is likely that both vehicles will be sold for scrap as a result of today’s events, as the cost of repairing them will be extortionately high. This has also happened at a time when there have been a number of breakdowns over the past few days, so there is currently a huge vehicle shortage so there is a high chance of some buses visiting Hastings depot temporarily on loan.

Updates will follow.

The SEBEG team.

May Movements

So far this month we have seen a few more changes to the East Sussex fleets. Firstly, some sad news to bring that Eastbourne’s last Step Entrance bus, 16370 N370LPN, has been withdrawn from service, replaced by former London Trident 17528 LX51FOM, which has recently entered service.

Other news includes that 17106 V106MEV has been towed to Eastbourne for storage and is now in the Reserve fleet, as it requires a new engine.

Staying with Tridents, it is reported that more MagicBus cascades have arrived at East Kent, the identities are unknown at this time, however it is most likely that Hastings will recieve on of these cascades in replacement for 17106, in favour of spening a whole load of cash trying to repair it, which, lets be honest, probably won’t work!

Finally, B10M’s 20647 and 20675 (R647HCD and R675HCD) are now officially in the Reserve fleet, but are still in use at the current time due to a vehicle shortage.

Harry H 🙂

Goodbye to 6 Darts

This Sunday at about 8am, 34435, 34438, 34442, 34542, 34546 and 34547 will all leave Hastings depot heading for a new life on transfer to Herne Bay depot. Also keep your eyes peeled for some MAN ALX300’s passing through Hastings later on in the day on Sunday which will be on transfer from Ashford to Eastbourne!

Harry H 🙂

More Darts….

It has been confirmed this morning that 34442 KV53EZW will be entering service today, which is a likely replacement for 20648. More Darts are now expected to replace B10M’s, so for more information about which ones are coming and what they are replacing, please refer back to the “Peterborough Darts – As they arrive and enter service” page, which will be updated accordingly.

Many Thanks,

Harry H 🙂