November at Stagecoach South East

Good evening all. Over the past week or so, and yet to come there have been many interesting, exciting and also rather sad movements across the Stagecoach South East division. We have combined and put together a clear list of all of these movements which can be seen below. This is not limited to but includes twelve brand new ADL Enviro 400MMC bodied Scania N250UD double decks which are due to enter service in a few weeks on Wave service 99 between Hastings and Eastbourne. It is believed Eastbourne will have three of these, with Hastings having nine. We hope you find this list of the latest and soon upcoming movements useful, and if you have any queries or comments feel free to contact us. Please bear in mind that although some of these movements have already taken place, and some vehicles are already in service at certain places, some of these have not yet taken place and are unlikely to at least until the new Scanias enter service.

15328 YN67YLA New – Eastbourne/Hastings
15329 YN67YLB New – Eastbourne/Hastings
15330 YN67YLC New – Eastbourne/Hastings
15331 YN67YLD New – Eastbourne/Hastings
15332 YN67YLE New – Eastbourne/Hastings
15333 YN67YLF New – Eastbourne/Hastings
15334 YN67YLG New – Eastbourne/Hastings
15335 YN67YLH New – Eastbourne/Hastings
15336 YN67YLJ New – Eastbourne/Hastings
15337 YN67YLK New – Eastbourne/Hastings
15338 YN67YLL New – Eastbourne/Hastings
15339 YN67YLM New – Eastbourne/Hastings
15500 GN09BCU Hastings – Dover
15501 GN09BCV Eastbourne – Dover
17538 LY02OAD Herne Bay – Reserve
17699 MW52UJF Hastings – Reserve
18161 GX54DVB Ashford – Herne Bay
18162 XIL1575 Ashford – Herne Bay (GX54DVC)
25242 YJ59GFK Ashford – Thanet
25243 YJ59GFO Ashford – Thanet
27516 GX06DYV Eastbourne – Driver Training
27517 GX06DYW Eastboune – Driver Training
27518 GX06DYY Eastbourne – Driver Training
27519 GX06DZA Eastbourne – Driver Training
27520 GX06DZB Eastbourne – Driver Training
27521 GX06DZC Eastbourne – Driver Training
27522 GX06DZD Eastbourne – Driver Training
27523 GX06DZE Eastbourne – Driver Training
27580 GX58GKN Dover – Eastbourne
27581 GX58GKO Dover – Eastbourne
27582 GX58GKP Dover – Eastbourne
33098 MX04AXN Eastbourne – Reserve
33305 AE51VFX Eastbourne – Hastings
34492 KV53NHJ Reserve – Hastings
34542 GX04EYT Herne Bay – Ashford
34544 GX04EYV Herne Bay – Ashford
34547 GX04EYZ Herne Bay – Folkestone
47065 SF04SKJ Eastbourne – Reserve
47066 SF04SKK Dover – Reserve
47067 SF04SKN Dover – Reserve
47112 GX54DXK Folkestone – Reserve
47113 GX54DXL Folkestone – Reserve
47119 GX54DXU Dover – Eastbourne
47120 GX54DXV Dover – Eastbourne
47176 YJ05XMV Reserve – Eastbourne
47661 GN58NXF Ashford – Dover
47663 GN58NXH Ashford – Dover
47666 GN58NXL Ashford – Dover
47667 GN58NXM Ashford – Dover

The fleetlist pages will also be updated accordingly for each depot in the near future. If we know of any updates or alterations, we will update you all where we can!

The SEBEG Team.

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