Stagecoach South East September Update

Good evening all.
Sorry this update comes to you quite delayed. I have had no internet over the past week and the other members of our team have been busy. Thankfully though I am now able to share with you all, whether or not you already know, the rather interesting and exciting transfers that happened over the course of last weekend within Stagecoach South East! Along with this update, the fleetlists for each depot will be update accordingly, by Sunday, so be sure to check them out if you wish. A note to make is that despite some rumours, the GX06 Enviro 300s at Eastbourne have remained in service and not all of the GX58 Enviro 300s have transferred to Eastbourne from Dover, but only 27571-6 to Eastbourne and 27577/8 going to Thanet, with 27579-27582 remaining at Dover. It is believed though that some brand new Scania Enviro 400 MMCs due for either Hastings or Eastbourne may have a possibility of a knock on effect causing the GX06 Enviro 300s to go at that point. Enjoy! – The SEBEG.

15442 KX08KZN Ashford – Dover
15480 GN09AZW Herne Bay – Dover
15497 GN09BCF Herne Bay – Dover
16950 MX07BUW Fife – Herne Bay
16955 MX07BVF Fife – Herne Bay
18161 GX54DVB Herne Bay – Ashford
18167 GX54DVK Thanet – Ashford
18291 MX03KZP Eastbourne – Herne Bay
19019 MX06XAU Eastbourne – Dover
19048 MX56FRR Eastbourne – Dover
19049 MX56FRU Eastbourne – Dover
19051 MX56FRZ Thanet – Dover
22945 OV51KAE Eastbourne – Reserve
27571 GX58GKA Dover – Eastbourne
27572 GX58GKC Dover – Eastbourne
27573 GX58GKD Dover – Eastbourne
27574 GX58GKE Dover – Eastbourne
27575 GX58GKF Dover – Eastbourne
27576 GX58GKG Dover – Eastbourne
27577 GX58GKJ Dover – Thanet
27578 GX58GKK Dover – Thanet
33098 MX04AXN Reserve – Eastbourne
33305 AE51VFX Reserve – Eastbourne
34399 WA03WWZ Reserve – Eastbourne
34483 SV53DDK Folkestone – Ashford
34620 PX04HTZ Herne Bay – Reserve
34646 GX54DWV Hastings – Eastbourne
34651 GX54DXB Herne Bay – Reserve
34655 GX54DXF Thanet – Reserve
34730 SP05FPG Hastings – Eastbourne
35256 NDZ3023 Dover – Thanet
36898 GN13HHO Eastbourne – Hastings
36899 GN13HHP Eastbourne – Hastings
36900 GN13HHR Eastbourne – Dover
47066 SF04SKK Eastbourne – Dover
47067 SF04SKN Eastbourne – Dover
47164 YJ05XND Eastbourne – Dover
47662 GN58NXG Eastbourne – Dover

We hope this update is helpful and of use to our viewers. Thank you very much for reading and we hope you all have a great weekend.

The SEBEG – Alex