2017 May Movements – Stagecoach South East

Hello All! I am sorry the website has not been updated much recently, but we have been very busy! Below you are able to find a list of the latest movements toward the end of April and start of May and plans or rumours of movements within Stagecoach South East. Enjoy! The SEBEG

Enviro 400 MMC 10711 SN66VVZ has returned to service at Folkestone after being repaired from a major RTA.

Dennis Tridents 17402 Y103GHC & 17699 MW52UJF are permanent members of the Hastings fleet until further notice.

Dennis Trident 18164 XIL1568 (GX54DVG) has transferred from Ashford to Stagecoach East, at either Mansfield or Peterborough.

Dennis Trident 18291 MX03KZP remains in reserve and is stored at Herne Bay.

Dennis Darts 33305 AE51VFX and 34399 WA03WWZ are in reserve at Herne Bay.

Dennis Dart 34433 KV53EZK has been moved from Ashford to Reserve due to a blown engine.

Dennis Dart 34487 SV53DDU has been moved from Hastings to Ashford to replace 34433.

Dennis Darts 34645 GX54DWU, 34649 GX54DWZ and 34731 SV55BZF have moved from Hastings to Thanet due to a PVR decrease at Hastings.

Mercedes-Benz Optare Solo 47174 YJ05XNH was replaced into the Reserve fleet from Hastings although it is currently seeing extra use as a Crew Shuttle Car between the Eastbourne Depot and Eastbourne Town Centre.

Notes: It is believed that some of the remaining MAN 18.220LF/Alexander ALX300s will become part of the Driver Training Department across the South East, including 22942 OU51WLK and 22944 OU51WLN from Ashford which were not so long ago withdrawn. It is believed these may see out all remaining Volvo B10M Training Coaches.

It has also been announced that the South East are to receive a brand new batch of Scania N250UD/ADL Enviro 400 MMC buses, which we believe may be for the Wave 99 between Hastings and Eastbourne. It has been rumoured that the GN61 Scania buses currently on the route may be transferred to Eastbourne for their Loop services.

It is also believed Ashford may getting rid of all of their Dennis Trident vehicles to other divisions or depots within the South East – replacing them with newer buses. One Trident is rumoured to be going to Eastbourne.



4 thoughts on “2017 May Movements – Stagecoach South East”

    1. Thanks for this update Daryl. We may have been given incorrect information. We will repost again when everything is fully confirmed by Stagecoach.


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