Hastings Bus Rally 2017!

Hello All! Firstly, Thank you to all those who brought along your lovely vehicles, visited the event, or helped to organise the Hastings Trolleybus Restoration Group’s Bus Rally on Sunday, 21st of May. It was a fantastic day with a smile on most people’s faces with very positive comments passing around the grounds! The lovely weather certainly encouraged people to come and also the appearance of Hastings Trolleybus’ Happy Harold DY4965. A very impressive total of 36 buses and coaches attended on the day, including some rather far travellers. The event would not have been as great as it was, had it have not been for everyone that played an important role there today so we thank you all. We really hope next year is just as great of a success and we have every confidence that it will be! We hope you all enjoyed yourselves and had a good time! If you did not manage to come to the event this year, we have compiled a list below of all the buses and coaches that came along to Hastings Bus Rally 2017. -Alex Fairweather, The SEBEG

All 36 bus and coach attendances are listed below.

DY 4965 – Hastings & District Motor Services 
1928 Guy BTX6 Tri-Axle Trolleybus / Dodson (O30/27R)
New to Hastings Tramways in 1928 and is now
maintained and operated by Hastings Trolleybus
Restoration Group on behalf of the council.

CMG 30  –  Rambler Coaches of Hastings No.2 (Preserved)
1935 Bedford WLB / Duple (C20R)
New to Garners of Ealing – Now wears Rambler green & cream.

JK 8418 – Preserved as Eastbourne Corporation No. 12.
1939 Leyland Lion LT8 / Leyland (B43F)
New to Eastbourne Corporation in B32F configuration.
It is preserved in the yellow and blue colour scheme
by the Eastbourne Lion Preservation Group.

KYY 529 – Preserved as London Transport RT1702
1950 AEC Regent III / Park Royal (H30/26R)
New to and preserved as London Transport as RT1702.

AHC 411 –  Stagecoach in Eastbourne 39911 (Preserved)
1950 AEC Regal III / East Lancs (DP30R)
New to and preserved as Eastbourne Corp as No.11

DKT 16 – Preserved as Maidstone & District 558.
1950 Leyland Tiger TS7 / Harrington (C32F)
New to and preserved as Maidstone & District as 558.

NKT 875 – Preserved as Maidstone & District DH379.
1951 Leyland PD2 / Leyland (H32/26R)
New to and preserved as Maidstone & District as DH379.

NLE 918 – Preserved as London Transport RT3028.
1953 AEC Regent III / Park Royal (H30/26R)
New to and preserved as London Transport as RT3028.

VKR 39 – Preserved as Maidstone & District DL39.
1956 AEC Regent V / Park Royal (L30/26RD)
New to and preserved as Maidstone & District as DL39.

PUF 647 – Preserved as Southdown Motor Services 547.
1956 Guy Arab IV / Park Royal (H33/26RD)
New to and preserved as Southdown as No. 547.

WLT 349 – Preserved as London Transport RM349.
1960 AEC Routemaster R2RH / Park Royal (H36/28R)
New to and preserved as London Transport as RM349.

397 CLT – Preserved as London Transport RM1397.
1963 AEC Routemaster R2RH / Park Royal (H36/28R)
New to and preserved as London Transport as RM1397.

CUV 363C – Preserved as London Transport RML2363.
1965 AEC Routemaster R2RH / Park Royal (H40/32R)
New to and preserved as London Transport as RML2363.

GJG 739D – Preserved as East Kent Road Car 7739.
1966 AEC Regent V / Park Royal (H40/32F)
New to and preserved as East Kent as 7739.
Wears East Kent’s Sealink Blue & White livery.

JJD 463D – Preserved as London Transport RML2463
1966 AEC Routemaster R2RH / Park Royal (H40/32R)
New to and preserved as London Transport as RML2463.

SMK 731F – Preserved as Metroline London RML2731.
1967 AEC Routemaster R2RH / Park Royal (H40/32R)
New to London Transport as RML2731.
It currently wears the livery it wore with Metroline.

AKM 425K – Preserved as Maidstone & District 3425.
1971 Leyland Leopard PSU4A / Willowbrook (B45F)
New to and preserved as Maidstone & District as 3425.

GHV 999N – Preserved as London Transport DM999.
1975 Daimler Fleetline / Park Royal (H44/27D)
New to and preserved as London Transport as DM999.

LKP 385P – Preserved as Maidstone & District 5385.
1975 Volvo Alisa B55-10 / Alexander AV7 (H44/35F)
New to and preserved as Maidstone & District as 5385.

VLT 8 – Preserved as London Transport RM8.
1976 AEC Routemaster R2RH / Park Royal (H36/28R)
New to and preserved as London Transport as RM8.

PCD 80R – Preserved as Southdown Motor Services No.34
1976 Leyland 11351A / Leyland National (B49F)
New to Southdown – Wears Grass Green NBC colours.

UPB 340S – Preserved as London Country SNB340.
1977 Leyland 10351A / Leyland National (B41F)
New to London Country – Wears Grass Green NBC colours.

WKO 138S – Preserved as Maidstone & District 5138.
1978 Bristol VRT SL3 / Eastern Coach Works (H43/31F)
New to Maidstone & District – Wears M&D light green & cream.

RVB 977S – Preserved as East Kent Road Car 0977.
1978 Bristol VRT SL3 / Willowbrook (O43/31F)
New to East Kent Road Car as No. 7977.
Originally ordered by Maidstone & District.
Wears a livery for the East Kent Thanet  Open Top Seaside Special.

JDY 888Y – Rambler Coaches of Hastings (Preserved)
1983 Bedford VAS5 / Plaxton Supreme (C29F)
New to Rambler and is preserved in Rambler Green/Black/Cream.

C658 KVW – Preserved as Fords Coaches of Althorne, Essex.
1986 Bedford YNV / VanHool (C53F)
New to Fords of Althorne and is preserved in their livery.

M916 MKM – Preserved as Arriva Kent & Sussex 5916
1994 Volvo Olympian / Northern Counties Palatine I (H47/30F)
Preserved in a special Arriva Old Style / Kent People’s Trust livery.

M91 MYM – Preserved in Hams colours with lettering removed.
1995 Volvo Olympian / Alexander Royale (H45/29F)
New to Go-Ahead London Central as AV8.

P238 MKN – Preserved as Maidstone & District 3238.
1997 Dennis Dart SLF / Plaxton Pointer (B40F)
New to Maidstone & District – currently wears their Retro livery.

T916 KKM – Preserved as Arriva Kent Thameside 3916.
1999 DAF SB220 / Plaxton Prestige (B39F)
New to Arriva Kent Thameside in 1999. Wears Old Arriva livery

X425 FGP – Preserved as Arriva Kent Thameside 6250.
2000 DAF DB250 / Alexander ALX400 (H43/22F)
New to Arriva London as DLA225. Wears Allover Arriva Blue.

KX08 KZK – Stagecoach South East (Ashford) 15443
2008 Scania N230UD / ADL Enviro 400 (H47/29F)
New to Stagecoach in Oxford (Thames Transit)
In a special East Kent 100 Centenary Livery.

WU11 OSP – 247 Coaches of Hastings
2011 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Minibus
This is a recent acquisition at the company.

YJ16 DBO – Autocar Bus & Coach Services of Tonbridge No.OM1
2016 Optare MD1050 / Optare MetroDecker (H41/22D)
New to Go-Ahead London Central as OM1 in 2016.
Still Operates in London red, with Autocar lettering.

SN66 VWO – Stagecoach in Hastings 10723
2016 ADL E40D / ADL Enviro 400 MMC (H45/32F)
New to the operator in 2016.
Operates in a livery for Wave Services 100/101/102.

CR17 RAM – Rambler Coaches of Hastings No.10
2017 Mercedes-Benz Tri-Axle Tourismo (C53Ft)
Brand new vehicle wearing the company’s standard
coach colours – green & cream with a striped black skirting.

A small selection of some of our photos from Hastings Bus Rally 2017 can be found below…

Above: Photographed towards the end of the day was this line up of three preserved low floor vehicles, all of which are former Arriva. On the left is Maidstone & District Plaxton Pointer I bodied Dennis Dart SLF, 3238 P238MKN, owned by the 3238 Preservation Group (R.Jones, D.Walker, G.Walker). In the middle is ex Arriva London Alexander ALX400 bodied DAF DB250LF, DLA225, X425FGP owned by M&D Preservation. It carries Southern Counties fleetnumber 6250 and is in allover Arriva blue with a yellow stripe. Finally on the right is Arriva Kent & Surrey Plaxton Prestige bodied DAF SB220LF, 3916 T916KKM, owned by 3043/3916/5928 Preservation. Photo Copyright SEBEG Harry Powell.

Above: One vehicle which has not attended the rally before, which was fantastic to see at Hastings Bus Rally 2017, was Paul Llewelyn’s 1976 Southdown Leyland National, No.34 PCD80R, which is preserved in NBC Southdown Grass Green. You can visit his website here. Photo Copyright SEBEG Harry Powell.

Above: It was great to see Rambler Coaches of Hastings’ very own beautifully preserved 29 seat 1983 Plaxton Supreme bodied Bedford VAS5, which was new to them 34 years ago. It was the first rally it has attended for a few years. Photo Copyright SEBEG Harry Powell.

Above: Eastbourne Lion Preservation Group’s Preserved 1938 Eastbourne Corporation Leyland Lion LT8, No.12 JK8418 meets again with Stagecoach in Eastbourne’s slightly younger 1950 Eastbourne Corporation East Lancs bodied AEC Regal III, No.11 AHC411. Photo Copyright SEBEG Harry Powell.

Above:  Recently preserved Alexander Royale bodied Volvo Olympian M91MYM attended the event. It still retains the Gold and Black livery of Hams Travel of Flimwell but was originally new to London Central in 1995 as AV8. Hastings Bus Rally 2017 was its debut appearance in preservation. Photo Copyright SEBEG Harry Powell.

Above: A popular vehicle at the event was Hastings Trolleybus Restoration Group’s very own preserved Hastings & District Trolleybus, a 1928 Tri Axle Guy BTX6 with a Dodson open top body. It now runs on a Diesel engine so it can make more attendances to rallies. DY4965, also known as Happy Harold has been off the road for some time so many locals and enthusiasts alike enjoyed it’s prescence at Hastings Bus Rally 2017! Photo Copyright SEBEG Harry Powell.

Above: Rambler Coaches of Hastings exhibited a lovely display of vehicles varying in age, livery, types and size! On the left is brand new Tri-Axle Mercedes-Benz Tourismo 53 seater, CR17RAM (fleet no. 10) which wears Rambler’s green and cream with orange and green striped black skirting livery. In the middle is their preserved Bedford VAS, JDY888Y which has a Plaxtons body and wears Rambler’s green and cream with black skirting livery. Hastings Bus Rally was the first appearance JDY888Y had made for a few years. Finally, on the right is their preserved 1935 Duple bodied Bedford WLB, CMG30, which wears a green livery with a cream stripe. Photo Copyright SEBEG Harry Powell.

Above: An attempted photo to try and show off the impressive amount of bus and coach attendances to Hastings Bus Rally 2017! 36 in total! Photo Copyright SEBEG Alex 

Below: Stagecoach South East also kindly brought along 3 vehicles to the event, two of which were Stagecoach in Ashford, East Kent Centenary Bus 15443 KX08KZK (Scania N230UD/Enviro 400) on the right  and Stagecoach in Hastings Wave branded 10723 SN66VWO (ADL Enviro 400 MMC) on the left. Photo Copyright SEBEG Alex.

Above is only a small selection of many, many photos we took at Hastings Bus Rally 2017. For more details or pictures of specific vehicles, feel free to contact us using the Contact Us page. Thank you very much for reading!

2017 May Movements – Stagecoach South East

Hello All! I am sorry the website has not been updated much recently, but we have been very busy! Below you are able to find a list of the latest movements toward the end of April and start of May and plans or rumours of movements within Stagecoach South East. Enjoy! The SEBEG

Enviro 400 MMC 10711 SN66VVZ has returned to service at Folkestone after being repaired from a major RTA.

Dennis Tridents 17402 Y103GHC & 17699 MW52UJF are permanent members of the Hastings fleet until further notice.

Dennis Trident 18164 XIL1568 (GX54DVG) has transferred from Ashford to Stagecoach East, at either Mansfield or Peterborough.

Dennis Trident 18291 MX03KZP remains in reserve and is stored at Herne Bay.

Dennis Darts 33305 AE51VFX and 34399 WA03WWZ are in reserve at Herne Bay.

Dennis Dart 34433 KV53EZK has been moved from Ashford to Reserve due to a blown engine.

Dennis Dart 34487 SV53DDU has been moved from Hastings to Ashford to replace 34433.

Dennis Darts 34645 GX54DWU, 34649 GX54DWZ and 34731 SV55BZF have moved from Hastings to Thanet due to a PVR decrease at Hastings.

Mercedes-Benz Optare Solo 47174 YJ05XNH was replaced into the Reserve fleet from Hastings although it is currently seeing extra use as a Crew Shuttle Car between the Eastbourne Depot and Eastbourne Town Centre.

Notes: It is believed that some of the remaining MAN 18.220LF/Alexander ALX300s will become part of the Driver Training Department across the South East, including 22942 OU51WLK and 22944 OU51WLN from Ashford which were not so long ago withdrawn. It is believed these may see out all remaining Volvo B10M Training Coaches.

It has also been announced that the South East are to receive a brand new batch of Scania N250UD/ADL Enviro 400 MMC buses, which we believe may be for the Wave 99 between Hastings and Eastbourne. It has been rumoured that the GN61 Scania buses currently on the route may be transferred to Eastbourne for their Loop services.

It is also believed Ashford may getting rid of all of their Dennis Trident vehicles to other divisions or depots within the South East – replacing them with newer buses. One Trident is rumoured to be going to Eastbourne.