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Good evening to all of our site viewers!
As you may or may not be aware, this weekend has seen the launch of 30 brand new (16/66 reg) Mercedes-Benz EVM Sprinter City 45 minibuses being launched and entering service on Local Ashford Routes, branded as the “Little & Often”. The service aims to provide a frequent and simple bus service connecting different parts of the town and features comfortable leather seats and the accepting of “contactless” payment methods for ticket purchasing. However, as well as this, the new vehicles seem to have had an apparent cascade occur across the division, with what seems like an aim to gradually upgrade their fleet. We do know of some movements which have taken place today and yesterday and have decided to share them with you.

44001-44030: Brand new minibuses at Ashford. A full list of these vehicles can be found on our Ashford Fleet List

17402 Y103GHC: Withdrawn from the Hastings fleet, in storage at Eastbourne.

18162 XIL1575: Transferred from Reserve to Ashford (former GX54DVC).

33098 MX04AXN: Transferred from Ashford to Herne Bay (Replace 34438)

22942/4 OU51WLK/N: Withdrawn from the Ashford fleet.

34435 KV53EZM: Transferred from Hastings to Ashford.

34438 KV53EZP: Transferred from Herne Bay to Folkestone.

34482 SV53DDJ: Transferred from Hastings to Thanet.

34789 PX55EFU: Transferred from Hastings to Folkestone.

36122/3 GN10JCY/Z: Transferred from Folkestone to Hastings.

36124/5 GN10JDF/J: Transferred from Ashford to Hastings.

47065 SF04SKJ: Withdrawn from the Eastbourne fleet.

47117/47173 GX54DXR/YJ05XNG: Withdrawn from the Ashford fleet.

47174 YJ05XNH: Withdrawn from the Hastings fleet.

47660 GN58NXE: Transferred from Ashford to Hastings (Replace 47174).

47662 GN58NXG: Transferred from Ashford to Eastbourne (Replace 47065).

Above: Photographed here is ADL Dart SLF 4 Enviro 200 36122 GN10JCY in the Hastings depot on 12/2/17 after arriving from Folkestone. It is warmly welcomed in by fellow former Folkestone vehicle 15483 GN09BAA. Strangely, this will not be 36122’s first time in service at Hastings, as it was on loan to the depot in 2011, (before Hastings had any of their current Enviro 200s) for evaluation of the vehicle type before later receiving a batch of them the year after, in 2012. (Please note this photograph is copyright SEBEG Alex).

We hope you found this news helpful!
Many Thanks,
The SEBEG – Alex 🙂

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