Update From Last Post

Hi Guys,
Just a quick update from the last post by my colleague.
Hastings have now received Eastbourne Loop branded Enviro 200 36907, GN13HHY to replace 36487, GN12CKL. We are not yet sure if this is permanent or just temporary.
SEBEG Alex 🙂

Hastings Autumn update

Winter is drawing ever closer and with that the growing excitement of the upcoming launch of the new MMC’s on the Wave 100/101/102 group. Of course, there have been plenty of other movments taking place in the meantime which will be detailed below.

Unfortunately we kick off this update with some rather sad and unexpected news. Yesterday morning (Saturday 5th November), police and fire crews were called to the A21 near Johns Cross after reports of a vehicle fire. It was later revealed that this vehicle was infact Stagecoach in Hastings ADL Enviro 200 36487 (GN12CKL) which had caught fire whilst operating service 304 to Hastings. The inside of the bus was almost completely gutted by the blaze and therefore we are glad to say that everyone onboard managed to get out of the vehicle in time and there were no injuries. The cause of the fire has not yet been confirmed although there is evidence suggesting it may have been a mechanical fault. There is no news yet on the fate of the vehicle however things aren’t looking good. A replacement vehicle has not yet arrived.

Moving away from the sad news and onto some other recent happenings now. Herne Bay allocated Scania Enviro 400 15558 (GN59EXJ) is currently operating out of Hastings depot (and has been for a few weeks) and is believed to be on loan as a result of higher demand on service 99 during the rail strikes.
Thanet based Trident 17634 (W634RND) has also made a few trips to Hastings over the past couple of months for this cause, and Folkestone Scania’s 15496 (GN09BCE) and 15705 (GN60FDC) have also made brief appearances on the 98 recently.
Meanwhile, Trident 17632 (W632RND) has permanently joined the Hastings allocation from the Reserve fleet.

We believe that Trident 17627 (W627RND) has been withdrawn due to a mechanical defect and will not be seeing further service.

Dart 34697 (NDZ3022, formerly PX05EMF), which was in use at Hastings as a paint float, has now transferred to Ashford where it has displaced 34413 (GX53MWD).

All Hastings allocated Darts which were due for repaint (all except 34435, 34442 and 35237) have now been repainted, and it is now seemingly the turn of Scania’s, with 15494 (GN09BBX) and 15499 (GN09BCO) having recieved new coats of paint.

Solo 47479 (PX07HBA) is currently long term VOR having blown its engine and is undergoing lengthy repairs.

Finally to conclude this update, we can reveal that Hastings are planned to recieve 7 of the new E400MMC’s for the Wave 100/101/102. These will be 10701/2 (SN66VVM/O) which will remain unbranded, and 10721-5 (SN66VWL/M/O/P/R). The displaced Scania’s, 15485-9 (GN09BAU/V/BBE/F/J) and 15494 (GN09BBX) will remain allocated to Hastings and along with 15482-4 (GN09AZZ/BAA/O), which are due to transfer from Folkestone, will see off the non-DDA compliant Tridents 17106 (V106MEV), 17623/4 (V623/4DJA), 17627/32/3/7/9 W627/32/3/7/9RND) and 17663 (V163DFT).

-Harry H