First of many new Wave’s to come!

The first of 25 brand new Alexander Dennis Enviro 400 MMC double deck buses has arrived, on the 10th of October at the Stagecoach East Kent Thanet depot, which we believe is where they will be prepared for service, with the branding applied. This is part of a batch of 25 brand new buses which Stagecoach South East have invested in for popular coastal “Wave” Routes 100/101/102, between Hastings, Rye, Camber, Lydd, Folkestone and Dover. The majority will be based at the Company’s Folkestone garage, with some being allocated to Hastings. The vehicles will feature E-leather seats and Free WiFi internet access and are believed to start entering service in the December time. We would like to thank Matthew Arnold for allowing us to use his photos. Hope you find this post useful! -Alex 🙂

Below: Pictured here is the interior of the first MMC to arrive of the batch, SN66VVO, which we believe is to be numbered 10702.

Above: Photographed here is the exterior of SN66VVO (10702)

The batch of Wave MMC’s are believed to be as follows
10701 SN66VVM
10702 SN66VVO
10703 SN66VVP
10704 SN66VVR
10705 SN66VVS
10706 SN66VVT
10707 SN66VVU
10708 SN66VVW
10709 SN66VVX
10710 SN66VVY
10711 SN66VVZ
10712 SN66VWA
10713 SN66VWB
10714 SN66VWC
10715 SN66VWD
10716 SN66VWE
10717 SN66VWG
10718 SN66VWH
10719 SN66VWJ
10720 SN66VWK
10721 SN66VWL
10722 SN66VWM
10723 SN66VWO
10724 SN66VWP
10725 SN66VWR

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