66 Registered buses start to roll into service…

With Thursday being the 1st of September, the new registration plate series has begun, which is now the 66 reg. There are many 66 registered buses already hitting the streets across the UK with some still awaiting registration, and some still awaiting delivery also. An example of this are the 66 registered Stagecoach South East ADL Enviro 400 MMC’s for Folkestone and Hastings, which are not yet due to arrive until October/November time. However, despite the fact that some are still not ready quite yet, many 66 registered buses and coaches already hit the roads in passenger service on some of the first few days of release. Many bus and coach operators have not gone for a brand new 66 registered vehicle yet though, and other companies will also purchase 66 registered vehicles in the upcoming months until the end of February 2017. We have included some pictures of various different buses which relate to the 66 reg below.

Above: Seen here is a photo of a brand new First Essex Enviro 200 MMC, 44661 YX66WBF which was photographed from outside First Basildon’s depot on Tuesday 30th of August (before the 66 reg even came out!) on our trip to that area. We also noticed sister buses 44660 YX66WBE, which was difficult to manage a good photo of but it’s registration is pictured below and 44662 YX66WBG. (Photos by SEBEG Harry P)

Below: Pictured here is a fantastic looking brand new ADL Enviro 400 bodied Scania N230UD, registered YN66WUC, which is one of three which Southdown PSV of Copthorne have purchased, we believe from a cancelled order which were originally destined for a company elsewhere. These have already entered service on Route 409 which Southdown have just recently taken over around the Surrey Area. Route 409 was previously operated by Metrobus. These buses’ registrations are YN66WUA/WUB/WUC. We personally think these vehicles look great and suit the Southdown livery well. (Photos by Southdown PSV. Used with permission)

Below: Last but not least, on our same trip on which we saw the brand new First Essex Enviros, we also had a fantastic and enjoyable tour of the EnsignBus depot in Purfleet. Whilst having a look around there we found five brand new Tri-Axle BCI Enterprises, which use a Cummins Engine. We were lucky enough, thanks to EnsignBus staff to have a look inside one and even had one started up for us! Four of the BCI’s belong to EnsignBus and will mostly be used on Private Hire and Rail Replacement. The fifth has already been ordered by Aintree Coaches with whom we believe the registration will be XL66ACL. Ensign’s are still awaiting registration. Pictured below are two of the Ensign Bus liveried Enterprises. (Photo by SEBEG Harry P)

Thanks for reading, we hope you enjoyed this post! – The SEBEG (Alex) 🙂

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