A small update!

We are very sorry we have not been updating our website as much in the past few weeks. We have now started to update the Stagecoach Hastings & Eastbourne Odd Workings Archive once again, added a Stagecoach Thanet Depot Fleetlist and also updated the Renown Group of Bexhill Fleetlist which includes some vehicles removed which have been scrapped as well as the two ex-Arriva Volvo B7RLE’s added, with the fleetnumbers they have received. We have also updated all other Stagecoach fleetlists on our site. These pages can be viewed by clicking on the links. As always, we happily welcome any comments which you can do by posting a comment on our site, emailing us (thesebeg@wordpress.com) or sending us a tweet via our twitter page, for which the link can be found in the Links page.

Have fun!

The SEBEG, Alex Fairweather