More ex Manchester Tridents for the South East

More Euro 2 Trident ALX400’s from Machester are making there way down to the Stagecoach in East Kent division, joining the 4 which made the move last year. 17628 (W628RND) and 17629 (W629RND) are currently on the journey down – 17631 (W631RND) also started the journey with them, however it later failed. It has been suggested that up to another 12 may come down, however we will have to wait and see if this materialises.

These are coming down to replace Olympians, as some of them are well past their best and suffering from problems such as chassis corrosion. The Tridents will be put into service quickly despite not being DDA compliant; it is expected that later on in 2016, once new vehicles have been delivered to the division, that some will be converted to DDA compliancy to replace the remaining non DDA Olympian’s.
Further updates will follow.

The SEBEG group

6 thoughts on “More ex Manchester Tridents for the South East”

  1. Hi Guys,
    Just for your info two ex Magic Buses working route 56 in Eastbourne, 17636 and 17637. They have apparently been around a couple of days. I don’t know if they will stop or not . I have not seen 17528 and 17529 for an age and I dob’t know if the Magic Buses are replacement for those. Regards: Steve LEE

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