December/January Update

To update you on some info for Stagecoach in East Sussex since the last update.

Eastbourne have started branding their E40D’s for the revamped 1/1A services. As well as this, 19659 OU60CVA has transferred to Eastbourne from Ashford and that has already been branded for the new 1/1A servies.

Volvo Olympian 16291 R291HCD, which was on loan from Basingstoke, has now returned to its home depot, and has been replaced at Hastings by batchmate 16297 R297HCD from Herne Bay.

Dennis Dart 34789 PX55EFU has joined the Hastings fleet from Gillmoss depot in the Merseyside & South Lancashire division, and 34620 PX04HTZ also arrived at Hastings from M&SL, and has gone to Ashford for repaint, however there is now uncertaintly as to whether this will now see service in Hastings.

35256 GX56OGG is now in the Reserve fleet having transferred from Winchester and is believed to currently be in Eastbourne depot. It is currently unknown for now where this will be allocated to.

Many thanks,
The SEBEG Team

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