Latest Stagecoach South East news July End 2015

Here we have the latest Stagecoach  East Kent and East Sussex (South East) Fleet News….. -Alex F 🙂

Key =
AS: Ashford
FK: Folkestone
HS: Hastings
TH: Thanet
DO: Dover
EE: Eastbourne
CA: Canterbury (Herne Bay)
R: Reserve
DI: Disposal
Rpvr: Reduced PVR
U/S: Unservicable
SE: South East
(r) reserve to that depot
(p) service prep in that depot
(w) withdrawn in that depot
(S) Serviceable

—-Movements since last month—-
16022 P822GMU DO-DI, Chassis Corrosion & Engine U/S
20675 R675HCD HS(r)-DO, Replace 16022
22008 X948VAP R-EE, Increase in PVR.
37327 YY15OWR New-HS(p)
59303 FJ08KOE Rugby-DO, Replace 53708
53708 AE10JTU DO-R, RTA Damage
90788 YE15ZNJ New-HS, Traffic dep.

—-Reserve Fleet—-
20647 R647HCD HS, Non DDA, (S)
20649 R649HCD HS, Non DDA, (S)
20676 R676HCD HS, Non DDA, (S)
22006 X606VDY EE, Non DDA, No MOT
22007 X607VDY EE, Non DDA, No MOT
22009 GX51PUJ HS, Serviceable
22107 S107TRJ EE, Engine U/S
22192 NDZ3022 EE, Non DDA, MOT-Aug 2015
37327 YY15OWR HS, Service Prep
40933 N933NAP EE, Non DDA, MOT & Tax.
53708 AE10JTU DO, RTA Damage

—-Disposal Fleet—-
16022 P822GMU DO, Chassis Corrosion & Engine U/S
16356 N356MPN TH, Major Chassis Corrosion & Rear Axle U/S
16371 N371LPN HS, Chassis Corrosion & Rear Axle U/S
16387 N387LPN DO, Chassis Corrosion, Rear Axle U/S & Engine U/S
20644 N644LPN TH, Good Condition, Serviceable
90309 W158NFG FK, Engine U/S

—-Sold Fleet—-
20609 L609TDY

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