Latest Updates…

This weekend has been rather exciting, today (26/4/15) 6 darts were due to leave the depot to transfer to Herne Bay, due to a Hastings PVR Decrease.
Myself and Harry H went to the depot early in the morning, we arrived at about 7:45. A bit later on at about 8:20, the first dart appeared and then the rest followed; the darts that sadly left us today are:
34438, 34442, 34542, 34546 & 34547.
34435 was due to leave too but failed it’s MOT so it will go up when it’s roadworthy.

The plan then was for the same Hastings drivers to transfer some buses from Herne Bay to Ashford then some buses from Ashford to Eastbourne. However, the Hastings depot soon realised that Hastings don’t have the 2 buses they need for the new route 2 for ashford! So plans changed and some drivers transferred some MAN ALX300s from Ashford to Eastbourne and some others transferred some MAN ALX300s to Hastings to our surprise, which were 22009 GX51PUJ and 22057 KV53FAA. These two are pictured below, thanks to the photographer for letting us use them.


Above is 22057 KV53FAA, which apparently has no power up hill!


Here are the both the new Hastings MAN 18.220s.


And finally here is the rather massive interior of 22057 KV53FAA.

We will try our best to keep you updated and let you know of all this month’s movements when we know all of them for certain.

Alex F 🙂


Goodbye to 6 Darts

This Sunday at about 8am, 34435, 34438, 34442, 34542, 34546 and 34547 will all leave Hastings depot heading for a new life on transfer to Herne Bay depot. Also keep your eyes peeled for some MAN ALX300’s passing through Hastings later on in the day on Sunday which will be on transfer from Ashford to Eastbourne!

Harry H 🙂

More Darts….

It has been confirmed this morning that 34442 KV53EZW will be entering service today, which is a likely replacement for 20648. More Darts are now expected to replace B10M’s, so for more information about which ones are coming and what they are replacing, please refer back to the “Peterborough Darts – As they arrive and enter service” page, which will be updated accordingly.

Many Thanks,

Harry H 🙂