2 routes are a gonner soon!

Hello everyone.

I announce, with sadness, that from 26th April 2015, the 344 route will be no more 😦

This was a great route and, although the 344 will have the 101 going via Pett Level and Fairlight, it still won’t quite be the same, if you know what I mean.

It will be no longer possible to go to Northiam via Rye very easily…


Changes to Bus Services

From 26th April, quite a few bus services will be changed including new routes 2 and 101 in Hastings.

Below is a list of changes.

Click to access HastingsBoroughChangestobusservicesApril2015.pdf

Below are timetables for the new and amended routes:

Many Thanks and enjoy your new journeys on routes 101 and 2 which both run hourly from various termini, Silverhill, Conquest Hospital & Hastings Rail Station.

Alex 🙂

Latest news! ;)

Hi everyone.

We have recently learned that 16344 (N344 MPN) was sent to Yorkshire for scrap! 😦 It will be remembered by us all, as a nice old bus and a “piece of junk” to the drivers who wanted to drive it off Beachy Head!

Also, to replace that bus, 19053 (MX56 FSC) has been transferred over from Eastbourne to replace it. It was seen today by Ali and Harry H on the 359.

That concludes this quick update. Oh, and one more thing.

Ali will try harder to update the site! 🙂

Thanks guys!

From Ali and Alex.