Peterborough Darts – As they arrive and enter service

At the moment, depots around East Kent are receiving ex Peterborough Citi Darts (34432-34435, 34438-34444 (KV53EZ-), and 34539-34548 (GX04EYP – GX04EZA). This page will update you as they arrive at Hastings and enter service 🙂 – Harry H

34542 GX04EYT – Arrived 03/12/14, Entered Service 05/12/14
34546 GX04EYY – Arrived 08/12/14, Entered Service 11/12/14
34547 GX04EYZ – Arrived 13/12/14, Entered Service 20/12/14
34438 KV53EZP – Arrived 13/12/14, Entered Service 19/12/14
34435 KV53EZM – Arrived 22/12/14, Entered Service 31/12/14
34442 KV53EZW Arrived ?, Entered Service 2/4/15

What are they replacing?
34542: 34542 replaced 33374 T342PNV, the only bus that still had rollerblinds in Hastings! 33374 used to be with Renown Cavendish, but then to Stagecoach Eastbourne for a very brief spell before settling with Stagecoach Hastings. 33374 was scrapped after suffering a major engine failure in November 2014.
34546: 34546 is replacing 33377 T458HNH, this bus sounded really nice and had a lovely gearbox! 33377 came to Stagecoach Hastings after being with many previous operators, including: Simonds Countrylink, Centra bus & Renown Cavendish. It had a roller blind display with all it’s previous operators, and with Hastings, but later on they were replaced with Hanover LEDs. 33377 has gone for scrap.
34547: 34547 is replacing 33379, T461HNH, personally, this was one of our favourites; it sounded like a formula one car! This bus was previously with Zak’s Travel, and Stagecoach East Kent. It had rollerblinds too, a few years ago, but Stagecoach replaced them with FlipDot from a withdrawn S—BWC dart. 33379 has been sent for scrap.
34438: 34438 is replacing 33384 W671TNV, or should I say T460HNH? I’ll get to that part in a minute. 33384 has previously been with NCP, Mitcham Belle, Renown Bexhill, Renown Cavendish & Stagecoach Eastbourne. Funnily enough, for it’s entire time spent in Hastings, it wore Stagecoach Eastbourne logos! 33384 once had rollerblinds in a historic past but Stagecoach soon replaced them with LEDs! One strange day, Harry H and Alex F saw something that caught their eye – on 33384, the front reg said ‘W671TNV’ as normal but the back one said ‘T460HNH’, a bus that has never even existed! They soon fixed it though it was quite a funny sight! 33384 has been withdrawn and is currently stored at Eastbourne.
34435: 34435 is replacing 33320 T468EGT. 33320 was a really fast, swift bus. 33320 also recently had its engine overhauled a couple of months back after a long term VOR. 33320 was previously with Epsom Buses, Eastbourne buses & Stagecoach Eastbourne. Long ago, when with Epsom buses, this had rollerblinds, but Eastbourne buses replaced them with LEDs.
34442: 34442 KV53EZW is an ex Bedford Dart and is replacing 20648 R648HCD, a Volvo B10M, which had suffered a gearbox failure. 20648 was an alright bus, just your average B10M, apart from it often had air leaks and was VOR. All it’s life, 20648 has been with Stagecoach, and it spent a lot of its time at Hastings depot, but also served a spell with Hampshire. It has always had a Hanover FlipDot display. In our opinion, it is quite a bad decision to replace a full size single decker with a midibus which can hold about 10 or more less people, however 34442 looks very clean and sounds quite nice (unusual for a dart) and has had it’s interior refurbished slightly.

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