Movement Update!

UPDATE: The B10M is now not being replaced by the ALX400/ Dennis Trident as 18528 from Herne Bay will be going to Old Romney and a dart will move from Old Romney Outstation to Hastings, at the current time, this dart could belong to either Herne Bay, Ashford, Dover, Folkestone, or Thanet

MOVEMENT UPDATE: Within the next two weeks, a B10M from hastings will be replaced by a newer Dennis trident 2 / ALX400 from Herne Bay.

11 thoughts on “Movement Update!”

  1. I hop it’s 33319.
    I am confused, today I saw a 304 go towards Hastings at 10:49 and another 304 go towards Hawkhurst at 11:20, there is no 304 due at 10:49. Just now at 14:54 another 304 went towards Hastings, but there is no 304 due at 14:54.
    I do not know what is going on.
    BTW: I saw them in Whatlington Road, Battle, East Sussex.


  2. It seems 18528-30 were taken to Folkestone by drivers from Herne Bay so 15440/3/505/6 could be taken back.
    18528-30 were then collected by Eastbourne drivers who brought Golds up from Eastbourne.
    2 B10Ms were also taken to Eastbourne from Folkestone

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