A rare appearance on route 7!

Here we see 36496 (GN12CLO), a Hastings Arrows branded Enviro 200. Usually on this route there is an Optare Solo, which comes on from doing a Relief 21, to provide extra capacity for The St Leonard’s Academy. It runs behind an Enviro 200, which would have been on Arrows all day, whereas 36496 would have gone dead from the depot, to Harley Shute, changed into a short 21 to Hastings Town Centre, then onto route 27, then 7, then 29 etc.

(Photo courtesy of Jo Nash)

Exciting Updates!

Hi, Unfortunately, today a Hastings B10M 20654 has been sent for scrap 😦 This lovely bus will remain in our memories (UPDATE: Now in service at Dover (DO))

Peterborough Darts: On Sunday, 9th November, 20 Darts will come from Peterborough to Eastbourne, There they will be repainted and configured, ready to be shared across the East Kent Division to Replace most B10Ms, we would have thought that they would have replaced them with something bigger, like ALX300s

20533 & 20650: After all of the confusion, whether these two brilliant buses were going to be scrapped or not, we finally have a clarification that these are in service at Eastbourne until further notice!


UPDATE: 18528 – Eastbourne, 18529 – Hastings, 18530 – Eastbourne, 34844 – Hastings

The confusion of what is happening with 18528/9/30 has just got a whole lot more confusing! First of all, 18529 and 18530 were said to be transferring to Eastbourne to replace 13992/3, but then 18528 and 18530 were pictured at Folkestone bus station on Saturday, and today 18529 has turned up in Hastings on the Arrows… Who knows what the future holds…

Movement Update!

UPDATE: The B10M is now not being replaced by the ALX400/ Dennis Trident as 18528 from Herne Bay will be going to Old Romney and a dart will move from Old Romney Outstation to Hastings, at the current time, this dart could belong to either Herne Bay, Ashford, Dover, Folkestone, or Thanet

MOVEMENT UPDATE: Within the next two weeks, a B10M from hastings will be replaced by a newer Dennis trident 2 / ALX400 from Herne Bay.

Almost time to go GOLD!!

Only 1 more day to go until Route 16 in Kent becomes 1st class!

Enjoy free wi-fi, leather back seats and professionally uniformed drivers/brand new buses, all for the price of a normal ticket! A free upgrade to first class!

Ali 😉